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"I think he's got a lot of irons in the fire, and they are going to take a while to develop," said Raphael Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs at California State University,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Los Angeles. "It takes a while to get the basics to work."
He said the city will tax Airbnb short-term rentals to generate money for affordable housing,NFL Jerseys Outlet, following San Francisco, Chicago and other areas where Airbnb has reached deals to collect taxes from hosts and remit them to the cities.
Much of Garcetti's roadmap remains a work in progress.
In an annual speech to City Council members and business and civic leaders on Tuesday, the first-term Democrat said City Hall will double the number of police officers in an elite division to counter a spike in violent crime, while adding 5,NFL Jerseys For Sale,000 trash cans to streets that sometimes become  dumping grounds for old couches and broken TVs.
Garcetti never mentioned stalled labor negotiations with thousands of city workers that have raised the possibility of a strike, or the possibility that an NFL team might return to the Los Angeles area, two decades after the Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams left Southern California. The Anschutz Entertainment Group spiked plans last month for a downtown field, although Garcetti has suggested that it could be revived. Two other stadium projects are being advanced in Carson and Inglewood, on the edge of Los Angeles.
Alluding to protests and investigations that followed fatal police shootings in Ferguson,Cheap Jerseys China, Missouri, and South Carolina, Garcetti said the Police Department will create a new division to stress building relationships with the city's diverse communities.
With violent crime increasing,Cheap NFL Jerseys, "I won't duck bad news. I'm going to own it and I'm going to attack it," Garcetti said in the speech, informally known as the state of the city. "Your safety is my highest priority."
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was elected two years ago on a back-to-basics agenda. On Tuesday,Wholesale Jerseys Store, he promised more of the same for city residents — safer and cleaner streets.
In a city with too many cars and too few subway lines, he also said ride-sharing companies like Uber will be allowed to pick up passengers at Los Angeles International Airport by summer. He has previously sketched plans for a 20-percent reduction in the city's per-person use of fresh water by 2017 and a 50-percent cut in the use of imported water over a decade, as the state contends with a severe drought.
In a city striving to keep its books balanced, the mayor proposed no big-ticket new programs. The speech, coming as he nears the midpoint is his first term, veered from policy highlights to acknowledging long-standing problems. Despite thousands of new jobs and a blooming high-tech sector, 1 million residents live in poverty. High-priced housing remains out of reach for many.
He has promised repairs to cratered streets and buckled sidewalks, but it's not clear how the $3 billion job will be financed. He has proposed repairs to apartments and buildings to make them more resistant to earthquakes, but there are questions about who will get the bill to pay for them.

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…suggests audit of extractive sectorWhile political parties are vying for the Presidency at the upcoming General Elections and are busy promising change and continued progress, the directors of the Environmental Community Health Organization (ECHO) has made it clear that they are yet to hear any talk of developing and maintaining the country’s environmental health.ECHO DirectorRoyston KingThe issue of environmental health and sustainability is a serious one and the situation has deteriorated over the years. It is believed that the country’s environmental health level fluctuates immensely, but the environmental group urges that a clear cut remedy has to be put in place to ensure and maintain this vital state asset.It is also believed that an audit of the country’s extractive sector is necessary to update the country’s material wealth and examine the very possible damage that has been done.ECHO is encouraging, “all political parties to set out a logical and reasonable road map for environmental health in their campaigns in the lead up to General and Regional Elections for May 2015.”In a true democracy, ECHO posited, “governments must be accountable to the electorate for the way it manages the environment and its resources. This is particularly important to developing and poor countries, including Guyana which is home to a significant percentage of the world’s Bottom Billon.”ECHO’s Executive Director, Royston King suggested that for Guyana, the natural environment and its abundant resources are critical to its development and progress. However, there must be a good balance between development and the environment; there must be sustainable development.He posited that,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, “it therefore behoves political parties to set out in a clear and unambiguous way, in their manifestos, informational materials and on their various political platforms, plans for the preservation and protection of the health of the natural environment and its ecosystems.”These he said, should include; “good environmental stewardship of our natural assets- fish,Stitched Jerseys, animals, forests,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, mineral resources and human resources; people’s right to a clean and healthy environment where air and water are not compromised; using our natural resources wisely; harnessing renewable energies of the sun, the wind and water; protecting the health of our vast forests; effective and efficient solid waste management; protecting the health of coral reefs and ecosystems.”Political parties, the Director charged,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, should set out ethical frameworks and standards for corporations to advance their interests without compromising the benefits of the country’s resources for future generations.“For we, in this period of our history, have no more right to enjoy these assets than future generations of our nation. For example, logging companies and their allies should not be at liberty to cut our forest without leaving an equivalent asset for future generations.”ECHO wants logical road map to protect Guyana’s natural environmentKing said that ECHO also believes that there is an urgent need for a natural environmental audit, particularly in the resource-extraction sector, to protect and preserve our environment and to push our nation steadily along the path of sustainable development.ECHO has been in the forefront of advocating for environmental health and transparency within the extractive sector.The environmental organisation believes that in some cases,Cheap Jerseys Store, ample steps were not taken to safeguard environmental health and the assets of the country’s extractive sector.They had protested the office of the Natural Resource Ministry when it was reported that the government had granted a Chinese company rights to conduct work that seemed to harm the country’s forestry industry.They had spoken out against the possible licensing of the Chinese also wanting to engage in the countries fishing industry when it was reported that deals granted to them would be better than arrangements made with local operators.ECHO had also address the issue of harmful chemicals being used within the country to conduct certain works being executed by the state.They noted too that there needed greater accountability and transparency within the extractive sector.Given Guyana’s vast environmental wealth, much of which is still underdeveloped, ECHO had even called for the establishment of an environmental court to properly address environmental crimes that might accompany the extractive sector’s growth.Reports of illegal logging,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, wanton land distributions, among other acts against the environment, were justification enough to warrant the establishment of the environmental court, King pointed out.