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The son of the President of Suriname has been arrested on U.S. drug and weapon charges, federal prosecutors said Friday.Dino Bouterse, Director of Suriname’s anti-terrorism unit, was arrested Thursday in Panama by local authorities and turned over to U.S. agents,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, said Preet Bharara,http://www.airmaxfantasy.us.com/Gel-Lyte-V-Asics/, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.Dino bouterseHis arrest, according to an Associated Press (AP) story, comes as his father,Cheap Jerseys, Desi Bouterse, himself convicted of drug offences, hosts the annual UNASUR summit for leaders of South American countries. Officials in Suriname announced Friday that the opening statement by Desi Bouterse would be postponed by several hours.Local government officials have declined further comment.Dino Bouterse was scheduled to appear in Manhattan federal court yesterday afternoon after being flown to New York late Thursday, officials said.“Bouterse is a significant drug trafficker,” said Derek Maltz, special agent-in-charge with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.Bouterse faces a U.S. federal indictment alleging he worked with a man identified as Edmund Quincy Muntslag to smuggle cocaine into the United States starting in or about December 2011. It also charges him with violating firearms laws by brandishing a light anti-tank weapon during the narcotics offense.The indictment says Bouterse was involved in smuggling a suitcase filled with 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of cocaine aboard a commercial flight from Suriname to the Caribbean in late July.Federal prosecutors said Muntslag was arrested Thursday in Trinidad.Bouterse’s father is a former coup leader and convicted drug trafficker who was elected president of Suriname in July 2010. Shortly after his inauguration, Bouterse appointed his son as director of Suriname’s Counter Terrorist Unit,DeVante Parker Dolphins Jersey, drawing heavy criticism from opposition legislators who expressed concern that no legal framework was created for the unit to operate.In 2011, unit officials were criticized for acting as police officers when they killed two men suspected in several violent crimes.In August 2002, prosecutors in Suriname charged Dino Bouterse with stealing 50 guns from the government intelligence service. Police at the time accused Bouterse of fleeing to Curacao to avoid arrest, although his father said Bouterse had traveled there for personal business.A year later, prosecutors dropped charges, citing a lack of evidence.Police detained the younger Bouterse again in September 2004 after seizing a large number of assault weapons,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, ammunition and 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cocaine from a local auto shop.He was sentenced to eight years in prison in August 2005 after a judge found him guilty of leading a ring that trafficked in cocaine, illegal arms and stolen luxury cars.Dino Bouterse is not unknown in Guyana. He is mentioned in the famous Wikileaks cables.In 2006, former US Ambassador to Guyana, Roland Bullen, in a confidential cable to his superiors in Washington DC, US, said that the younger Bouterse may have been involved in moving weapons to the village of Buxton on the East Coast of Demerara, at the time known to be a hotbed of criminal activities.“Desi Bouterse’s son Dino organized a Surinamese soccer team’s trip to Buxton a few years ago.  It is believed that the team bus carried weapons to Buxton,” the cable said.That particular cable examined the relationship between convicted Guyanese drug kingpin Roger Khan and President Bouterse, and the fallout from the former’s arrest shortly before.

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The lifeless body of a seizure victim,Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, who went on another of many of his fishing expeditions,http://www.theworldsoccersshop.com/Argentina-Facundo-Roncaglia-Jersey.html, was discovered floating on Monday in the Johanna Cecilia Tap area.His Uncle Pooran Hieralall spotted the body of the victim identified as Sookraij Singh,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys,, several miles from his home.Singh was a 23-year-old, guard attached to the Essequibo mortuary.At Singh’s residence at Johanna Cecilia, his mother, Dewattie Ragnauth,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/AC-Milan-FC/, had to be consoled.According to the grieving mother,Brett Favre Falcons Jersey, despite her many strong warning to Singh not to visit the canal where he usually fished,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, he persisted in his pastime. She said that her son would usually get frequent attacks of fits.She said that the he left home early Monday morning to check up on his catch after setting his seine the previous night.Lolita Hieralall, the dead man’s aunt said that about 19:00 hours Monday she last saw Singh after he returned from setting his seine.She said that she was shocked to learn about his sudden death.

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Wayne Lindie, 37,China Jerseys Free Shipping, called “Wayne” of Glasgow Housing scheme who was caught with a bag containing a quantity of marijuana was remanded to jail by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo when he appeared before her at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, and pleaded not guilty to the charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.Corporal Orin Joseph told the court that on February 11,Cheap Sports Jerseys, between 10:00 hrs and 11:00 hrs police were on mobile patrol in the Stanleytown area when they noticed a man hurrying down a lonely dam in the vicinity of the New Amsterdam Tannery. The man had a black garbage bag slung over his shoulder.The police pursued the man whom they challenged,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, stopped and searched. They found  a number of large parcels inside the bag.The parcels which were suspected to contain leaves,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, seeds and stems of the marijuana were seized while Lindie was arrested. The drug weighed eight kilograms.Bail was refused and he was remanded to jail until March 19, 2013.

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– points out accomplice at hospitalAn early morning attack (03:00hours) yesterday by armed bandits has left a young goldsmith nursing wounds to the head after he was viciously pistol-whipped.His parents,Wholesale Jerseys China, who live next door and who were also targeted,Authentic NHL Jerseys, were far more fortunate due to their quick thinking and bravery. They repelled the intended intruders by throwing a garden fork and a quantity of acid at the gunmen.The latter action is believed to have borne fruit as arrests were later made at the Georgetown Hospital.Recounting his ordeal, the goldsmith, 34-year-old Navinash Dhanraj, of 8 Pearl, East Bank Demerara, told this newspaper that he was asleep when he heard someone kicking violently at his bedroom door.“After I hear de kicking I ask is who, and before I coulda come off de bed I see three men with guns standing over me.”Dhanraj said that one of the men then jumped onto his bed pinning him down and began beating him on the head with a gun.“He keep asking me whey de money and the gold deh…while he beating and asking me whey de money deh, another man de searching de bedroom.”Dhanraj said the men then relieved him of two silver chains and a gold chain,Wholesale Jerseys From China, which he was wearing at the time. He said they also took away a portable DVD player, about $50,000 in cash and his wallet.Dhanraj said that the men had gained entry by smashing louvre panes in the kitchen with a brick.According to Dhanraj, despite the fact that he lay bleeding profusely in his bed, the men still tied him up with a bed sheet before they fled his home. Dhanraj said he managed to quickly free himself and began to call for help from neighbours.Even as the injured man sought assistance, his parents who live next door were under siege from the same individuals, all of whom were armed with guns and masked.The man’s father, Ramdoolar Dhanraj,Cheap NFL Jerseys, said he was made aware of what was transpiring next door when he heard his son screaming for help. He noted that he decided to peek through a window to see what was going on but was unpleasantly surprised by the sight of two gunmen who were already on the front shed of his house.A part of what residents believed to be a makeshift gun which was left behind by the bandits. The man recalled that after he saw the men he decided to “put up a fight” as he was determined not to lose his earnings to thieves.“I mek me mind up is either dey kill me or I kill dem…the next thing I know is these men breaking de window,”.“So I just stand up with a garden fork and I tell dem y’all come. And ah tell me wife bring de bottle ah acid.”The senior Dhanraj said as soon as one of the bandits attempted to enter his home, he threw the fork in the man’s direction while his wife simultaneously threw the acid at the gunmen in an attempt to ward them off.“We aint hear no body holla or anything, but they just run and jump off the roof and run away.”The man recalled that only two years ago they were attacked and robbed by gunmen so he was not going to let history repeat itself.As a result of the defensive use of the acid, one of the bandits is now a patient of the Burn Care Unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Medical institutions had earlier been alerted by the police that if anyone turned up with suspicious injuries, they (the police) should immediately be notified.The shattered window through which the gunmen gained entry.Their intuition was not unfounded as a male resident of ‘B’ Field,Wholesale Jerseys, Sophia, went to the hospital for treatment and had told the officials there that he had received the burns while “cooking dog food”.The hospital staffers were not convinced with the man’s explanation and they contacted the police.The lawmen were also not impressed with the man’s cooking tale.After being intensely questioned,NHL Jerseys From China, the man reportedly changed his story, and even went further by telling the police that a man who had accompanied his mother to the hospital to visit him was one of his accomplices.That man was taken into custody and is assisting with investigations.Meanwhile, as residents converged at the victims’ homes yesterday, they all expressed frustration at the police response.There was consensus among those gathered that once the alarm was raised, they had tried desperately to contact the Timehri Police Station but they never got through.“De phone keep ringing out…we call 911 they put we onto Brickdam and dey tell we dey sending a patrol. One hour pass and nobody aint come,” one resident said.According to residents they then decided to call Brickdam again and were told some two hours after to contact the Timehri station. “De tell we call back Timehri because de phone didn’t working.Residents said that the police eventually arrived at the robbery scene some three hours later.However, through their own efforts, the residents were able to recover several pairs of footwear believed to have been left behind by the gunmen. They also found part of one of the guns.