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By Ralph SeeramLast week’s article on the poor standard of essay writing in Guyana generated quite a few responses, especially from bloggers, some humorous. On the subject of Facebook, one reader commented that children should have their faces in their books, face up their books and face their books.One reader said she had cause to call the Ministry of Education after she observed a group of high school students who were in uniform at an Internet café during school hours, all on Facebook. Some said the Government can’t do it all; parents have to take responsibility also.Speaking of the weakness of writing essays and reading comprehension, it would seem that the school kids do not have the monopoly on this; it looks as if it’s extended to APNU and the PNC. The APNU/PNC has exposed a lack of reading and comprehension skills to the general public, even holding a press conference to expose the lack of reading skills.What other conclusion can you arrive at? The party spent weeks negotiating the Terms of Reference (TORs) for the Commission of Inquiry looking into the shooting death of the three young men in Linden. APNU/PNC helped craft the agreement, agreed to it, now it is “displeased” with it.The Party had an Attorney, no less, representing it but still did not understand what it agreed to. One gets the impression it did not understand what it agreed to. Talk about a Public Relations disaster. Who is its Public Relation Officer? The supporters must be shaking their heads asking, who are these incompetents that represent us.As I recall, the opposition parties objected to the inclusion of terms that would have seen the Commission of Inquiry looking into who the agitators were behind the protests that led to the shooting deaths,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the reason being people have a constitutional right to protest. Fine; what they should have said is people have a right to PEACEFUL PROTEST within the laws of the state.Blocking public highways, destroying roads, burning private and public properties, robbing and extorting money from drivers passing through the town, in my view, do not constitute peaceful protest and I have said this before.Now APNU/PNC (I have a difficulty differentiating one from the other) wants the Commission to inquire why the police took action against persons who were engaged in the illegal activities mentioned above. The news report said “APNU is disappointed that the terms of reference do not extend to the reign of terror inflicted on the people of Linden on the 2nd and 10th days of August 2012. Many persons were shot and maimed,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, and several communities subjected to assaults by tear smoke and gunfire on the 2nd and 10th day of August 2012”.Reign of terror? I thought that was inflicted on the people of Linden by the “peaceful protesters” isolating the town from the rest of the country. During those days Linden became a lawless town, whether the opposition will want to accept it or not. The police had to restore Law and Order and the Rule of Law. They had to end the mayhem in the streets.I doubt if that can be equated to a “reign of terror”. In my view, let’s investigate the police actions in restoring law and order, but, let the Commission inquire into the role of the opposition parties leading up to and after the shooting deaths. After all, “it cuts both ways”.Mr. Basil Williams and Joseph Harmon cannot “have their cake and eat it”.Some people can’t let the dead rest. Janet Jagan died years ago; poor Henry Greene not even in the ground a week,Cheap Jerseys, yet a writer for this paper thinks that their children should “bad talk them”. Growing up I was always told not to “speak ill of the dead”. Obviously the dead can’t reply, and as I said in a previous column only a coward would attack the dead.This writer had the nerve to compare the daughters of the deceased to Hitler’s secretary. Children will judge their parents in their context as parents, not their public life. There is a difference.  Many of us are too judgmental; we like to pass judgment on others without looking at ourselves. We know the old saying,Wholesale Jerseys China, “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. The Bible puts it another way when Christ said,Cheap NFL Jerseys, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Those of us who are Christians must remember we ask God to “forgive our sins as we FORGIVE those who sinned against us”.I was thinking that if this writer dies what his daughter would say reading his obituary. It probably will go like this.” My father was a pain in the butt; he was an annoying individual; he fancied himself as political analyst but in reality he was an entertainment writer.“People read his column for its comedic value. He was a one dimensional writer. His only subjects were Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP Government, and he found it difficult to transcend his writings beyond those two subjects.“He indulged in character assassination sometimes without any facts to support his allegation. He distorted people’s position to fit his facts; he fancied himself an intellectual but in reality he spent over twenty-five years as a mediocre university lecturer. He felt that he would die a martyr; instead he died in a lunatic asylum a victim of his own ego. And yes my father was an idiot”.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected]

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Not even the religious festival of Diwali could have escaped the election spin-off. The entire East CanjeBerbice leg of the Diwali celebrations held on Sunday evening at the Rose Hall Estate Community Ground in Canefield, Canje, ended in an uproar.In the end, a woman hit Alliance for Change (AFC) member, Attorney- at- Law, Charrandass Persaud, in the face after he shouted to Minister Ashni Singh on the stage to stop talking politics.The event was attended by Minister Ashni Singh, Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud and his daughter, as well as the Region Six Chairman.A review of the recording revealed that Minister Dr Ashni Singh actually said, “Embrace all lessons in the religious texts as you exercise this very important democratic franchise come November 28.“We ask you to be deliberate in your judgments, to consider the track records of the parties presenting themselves before you; to analyze the programmes they outline and make a careful judgment as to who you believe is best to run our country.“You Berbicians know better than anybody else. The work we had to do since 1992 to rebuild this country. I call on you to bare these lessons.”He then thanked the members of the public for supporting the PPP and the government. He asked the crowed for their continued support, inspiration and prayers.“Today the challenges are different. The country,Jerseys From China, having been rebuilt and the foundations laid, the challenges to make our country the prosperous place. This effort requires the right government…”It was at this point where Mr Persaud could be heard saying, “Talk Diwali! Not politics! Stop the politics! Talk Diwali!” Minister Singh continued but hurriedly ended the speech.Some persons opined that Mr Persaud, even though he was angry and very rightly so, should have dealt differently with the matter, while others said that the  occasion, being a religious one,Nike Men Air Max 97, should not have been laced with political overtones about the elections and governments.When contacted, Mr Persaud said that he became irate after Dr Singh was on the stage and urging the crowd to “vote PPP” and saying,Cheap Air Max 90 Kpu Sale, “I bring you greetings from the President and incoming President,Air Max 97 Buy Online, Donald Ramotar”.“Right away, he went on to talk about the good things the PPP is doing and even asked the people to give them another term in office,” Persaud told Kaieteur News.Persaud said that he became angry and shouted out to Dr Singh on stage. “I yelled out, ‘don’t talk politics; talk religion’, and this lady beside me cuff me in my face. It wasn’t a cuff that hurt.”Persaud said that Singh quickly concluded the political message on the stage. “Right away, he cut his speech off and I walked away”. He said that another man might have retaliated against the woman but he walked quietly away.He alleged that Regional Chairman of Region Six, Zulfikar Mustapha, who was sitting on stage, then urged someone from the crowd to slap Persaud.Persaud also alleged that`AFC Member, Mr Charrandass PersaudMr Mustapha came down and went up to him and asked him if he did not know it was his wife that just hit him.Persaud also claimed that Mustapha made a threat against him.“You like talk? I gon shut you up,” he quoted Mustapha as saying. He said Mustapha reported the matter to Sergeant Diagram of the Police station.When contacted,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Mr. Mustapha doubted ever meeting Persuade in the crowd or making any threats against him.“I just asked him [from the stage] if that is the training he get from his party. Charrandass is a wicked man if he said that I made threats against him.  Something wrong to him; he’s a wicked man. I never talk to him,” Mustapha said late Sunday evening.“I said aloud ‘That is what AFC teach you? To assault ladies? I didn’t even know which women knock him,” Chairman said.He further added that they will be consulting their legal teams about the matter.Persuade is contending that “since I came on board with the AFC, their whole inside a churn.”Organizer of the event, Mr. Bhopal Jargon,Nike Air Max Zero White, when contacted, said that he invited the Minister because he [the Minister] holds a central position on the Guyana Hindu Dharma Sabha. He denied knowing of a woman punching Mr. Persuade in the face.“I heard he was shouting but I couldn’t understand what he speaking, [I] wasn’t aware that he was punched, but I know there was a little commotion where he was,” Jargon said.He said that all Minister Singh told the crowd was that an important period was coming up next month and that everybody should use their senses to vote. “I didn’t  hear him said anything about the PPP.“Minister Ashni Singh is a member of the Central Committee of Dharma Sabha. He also represents the government.”When asked whether politics belonged at such a religious event, the organizer said, “I always say politics and religion should come hand in hand, and maybe he was using an opportunity as a politician to say something about the government he represents. I don’t agree for politics to dominate the occasion but I have not seen the dominance of politics in the occasion.“The fact that little politics was mentioned in the event, I can’t stifle my conscience. Most of the members that spoke were members of the PPP and Dharma Sabha as well. There was no restriction for politics to be said on the floor.”