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Radha Krishna Sharma has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) and Justin Nedd, Chief Financial Officer.Radha Krishna SharmaThe appointments follow the resignation of Yog Mahadeo as Chief Executive Officer and Royston Rajpaul as Chief Financial Officer last year.Mr. Sharma,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, whose appointment takes effect from March 1,  recently served as Director of the National Competitiveness Strategy Unit and Support for Competitiveness Programme. He also held positions as Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ltd from 2000 to 2009 and General Manager of Demerara Bank Ltd from 1994 to 1997.Mr. Sharma brings to the job more than 18 years of executive management expertise and a wealth of knowledge in the fields of finance, commerce, business strategy and corporate expansion.He has an outstanding record of achievement at the helm of financial institutions in terms of growth in profit, assets and shareholder value. He is the holder of a Master of Commerce Degree (First Class) and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Hons.) and currently serves as a Director on the Board of Guyana Power and Light Inc.Mr. Sharma is a seasoned and dynamic leader with the capacity to provide the vision, policy leadership and management oversight required for the continued growth of GT&T, the telephone company stated in a press release.“I am excited about joining the GT&T team and continuing to provide consumers with the best value in Guyana in terms of telecommunications services.  GT&T continues to invest in Guyana and bring more advanced services to our people. I look forward to being a part of this continued evolution,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” Mr. Sharma said.Justin Nedd is an accounting professional with diverse experience and qualifications in a number of industries including telecommunications, government,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, manufacturing, and mining.Up until recently, Nedd served as the Executive Financial Officer in a provincial government department in Canada and managed multi-million capital projects for Vale, a Brazilian mining company.He has completed the Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA) programme and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He also possesses a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Computer Science and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, both,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, from the University of Guyana and numerous industry certifications from Oracle, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.Having worked at GT&T from 1996 to 2005,NFL Jerseys From China, Justin Nedd says that he is delighted to be a part of the GT&T team once again.

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Two men were yesterday admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after they were shot in two separate bizarre cases.Speaking to 29-year-old, Glen Xavier of Kururukubari, North Pakaraima, Kaieteur News learnt that his incident occurred on Thursday, around 15:30 hrs a short distance from his home.Xavier said that he was shot once in the right shoulder and right side by a man from the same area and with whom he had a long time feud.He said that since he was 23 his assailant had accused him of killing his assailant’s father and had always threatened to shoot him.The injured Xavier said that although his assailant had disappeared from the area for several years,Nike Air Max Shoes Sale, he returned recently ‘with blood in his eyes’,Cheap Adidas Superstar Shoes, and seem bent on making trouble.He said he was a short distance from his home on Thursday when the man confronted him, vowing to kill him. According to Xavier, a heated argument ensued and the man pulled out a hand gun and shot him twice.Xavier said he slumped to the ground and his assailant made good his escape as he laid bleeding. He explained that he lost consciousness twice before he was discovered by his parents who had come looking for him after he failed to return home hours earlier.He was taken to the Kato Cottage Hospital but was yesterday flown to Georgetown to undergo further medical attention at the GPHC.Xavier said his attacker is a ‘far off relative’ who for no reason had continued over the years to accuse him for the death of his father who succumbed to natural causes several years ago. He said that his assailant is a well known drug user and had once broken into his parents’ home while he, Xavier, was away on business in Boa Vista, Brazil.And in a separate incident,Cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Jerseys, Earl Fordyce,Argentina World Cup T-Shirts, 40 of 80 Half Mile,Authentic Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, Wismar,Nike NBA Shop, Linden was shot in the right knee by his brother after the two were involved in an altercation.Police reports state that around 13:30 hrs yesterday, Fordyce was standing on the road with a young nephew when he was confronted by his brother who accused him of stealing two pieces of ‘old iron’.An argument erupted and the brother reportedly whipped out a handgun and shot Fordyce on the right knee. Police are investigating both matters. (Alex Wayne)

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Parliament’s largest opposition bloc, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU),Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, has defended its role in cutting almost $31.4B from the $208.8B National Budget proposed by government.Meeting with the Private Sector Commission (PSC) last Thursday, a day after passing the amended budget, APNU said government’s continued decision to operate several accounts with billions of dollars and not include it in the budget, was among the reasons for its decisions.“The budget understates the income/financial resources available to the Government, since it excluded the funds in NICIL, GGMC, Lotto funds, etc, which should be transferred to the Consolidated Fund,” APNU said yesterday in a statement at the meeting with PSC.APNU’s Leader, Brigadier (Ret’d) David Granger, at the conclusion of the meeting proposed that there should be a National Economic Summit which could agree to a consensual National Development Strategy that should encompass governance issues, security sector reform and pressing national social sector issues.There are reportedly billions in the accounts of NICIL, GGMC, the Guyana Oil Company and the Guyana Forestry Commission, but the Opposition parties have accused government of refusing to deposit these into the Consolidated Fund, which is used to fund the national budget. The National Assembly has direct oversight over the fund, but not of NICIL, GGMC or the others. It is from NICIL that monies are being taken to build the controversial Marriott Hotel in Kingston.The meeting took place at the office of the Leader of the Opposition on Hadfield Street, Georgetown, at the request of the PSC’s Chairman, Ronald Webster.On the APNU’s team were Shadow Ministers of Finance, Planning and Development,cheap nfl jerseys online, Carl Greenidge; Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine; Legal Affairs and Attorney General, Basil Williams; National Security, Winston Felix, and Policy Adviser, Lance Carberry.According to APNU,wholesale nfl jerseys, the meeting was to discuss the outcome of the 2013 National Budget process,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, with particular reference to the role of APNU.The PSC was represented by the Chairman; Executive Director, Elizabeth Alleyne; Michael Correia; Ramesh Dookhoo; Ramesh Persaud; Annette Arjoon-Martins; Kit Nascimento; Randy Storm; John Willems and Patrick Harding.APNU said that its members pointed out to that business body that the budget affects the country’s population, with the Opposition mandated to adopt a holistic approach, taking into account the “neglect of education; the impact on public servants; the condition of the NIS; hinterland development; the conditions affecting the elderly; the cost of living; etc”.APNU insisted that issues of legality, transparency, and constitutional conformity are important considerations for the National Assembly. “There are continuing and blatant infringements of the law by the Government.”Criteria for projectsAPNU, a 10-party coalition which has 26 seats in the National Assembly, said that the Opposition is interested in the Administration making public the criteria and process used to determine the priorities for the selection of capital projects.“Isn’t the development of the Port of Georgetown of more immediate need than a new terminal building for the CJIA? Why does Guyana rate so highly on the Corruption Index? There is confusion with the contracts for all of the major projects.”APNU said it pointed out that the IDB, which is financing the US$840M Amaila Falls hydro project in Region Eight,Cheap NFL Jerseys, is evidently not satisfied with the details of that project. Financial closures have been pushed back again with the bank reportedly wanting to ensure that the state-owned Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) is ready to deal with hydro power.The Opposition body also said it pointed out that Government was requested, since the 2012 Budget, to present a realistic programme for the return to viability of GPL and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo). “This has not yet been done.”According to APNU, the Leader of the Opposition explained that APNU/Opposition accepts that the preparation and presentation of the National Budget is the responsibility of the Executive. “However, the Opposition has the right and responsibility to bring their critical views and concerns to the attention of the Administration, before the preparation of the Budget is finalised.” The preference of the Opposition is for a “consensual” approach for the preparation of the National Budget with the political parties in the National Assembly.TRIPARTITE PLEASE!“It should be evident to all concerned that the tripartite approach is more likely to result in a Budget consensus than the present approach. The President has now agreed that, from 1 July 2013, when the 2014 Budget preparation process begins, the tripartite process will be activated.”The release said that APNU’s Basil Williams stood by the Opposition’s argument that nothing stops the National Assembly from reducing the budget.Greenidge, too, said it is the responsibility of the Opposition to subject the Budget to critical examination.“The Opposition also raised questions about the Budget priorities of the Administration and drew attention to the high levels of destitution and poverty affecting a large proportion of the population, as well as the implications of the debt obligations imposed by a number of major projects being pursued by the Administration.”APNU said that PSC was concerned about the possible adverse impact on the economy of the budget cuts, in areas such as the transport sector, GPL, and the Low Carbon Development Strategy,Cheap NFL Jerseys, in the context of the downward movement of commodity prices.“The expectation is that the Amaila project will relieve the Private Sector of the unstable and unreliable supply of power by the GPL which has caused many businesses to resort to the more expensive self-generation of their electrical power requirements.”PSC also argued that the cuts will rob the economy of cash and called for a more dynamic forum for the consideration of national issues.APNU and the Alliance For Change (AFC) essentially took control of the National Assembly with a one-seat advantage following the November 2011 General and Regional Elections. It used that advantage last year to reduce the budget by $20B, but a court decision saw the government restoring the slashed amount. This year, it was the same again, with government stating that it is contemplating going to court again.President Donald Ramotar has said he will okay the budget in its current form to ensure that critical programmes are not delayed. However, he too has signaled possible court action.

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Manufacturers are urging the new administration to take steps to address business hurdles, including the high costs of doing business in Guyana.Speaking at Monday’s mid-year business luncheon of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) at the Pegasus Hotel, President of the body, Norman McLean, noted that it is common knowledge that the pool of vocational and advanced skills in the country remains small.It would indeed require significant input from both the Government and the private sector to increase the availability of trained skills which would in turn enable Guyana to attract huge foreign investments.GMSA President Norman McLean“Apart from a limited labour force, the high cost of doing business in Guyana also keeps the investors away.  We’re referring here to astronomical energy charges, high Customs fees and long, undue delays to process import and export documents.  We were pleased to learn that the new government is going to confront these issues in the short term.”Present at the meeting were several top business leaders and Government officials including guest speaker, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge and Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan. Also there were members of the diplomatic community and representatives of funding agencies.According to McLean, a former army chief, who has worked closely with a number of international mining companies, the country’s services spectrum which included fashion design,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, music, tourism and the fast-growing ICT sector, have become all major revenue earners.“In fact,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, in Guyana and the wider Caribbean, this sector is becoming more and more lucrative. It actually accounts for about 62 percent of the accumulative revenue generated across the region.”He disclosed that the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) has taken the next logical step towards consolidating the burgeoning industry.“CEDA has created the Caribbean Network of Services Coalitions and now each country is required to register its body of Services Industries with the CNSC.  Guyana, the GMSA in fact, is currently in the process of consolidating our national body and we hope to secure membership of the Caribbean Network before the fourth quarter of this year.”At that point, Guyana will become eligible for funding and technical support to develop the music industry, specialty health care,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, ICT and a range of other industrial and social services.  This funding through Caribbean Export is provided by the European Union.Business leaders and others gathered at the mid-year luncheonMcLean noted that Guyana, positioned as it is on the Atlantic Coast, has a distinct advantage in terms of access to foreign markets.He stressed that the private sector is now more committed than ever to changing the business landscape from reliance on the sale of raw products to promoting new businesses that process rice, fruits and vegetables,Jerseys NFL Cheap, meat and milk, wood, bauxite by-products, and the “amazing” variety of medicinal plants into secondary and tertiary products.“Our in-country market is small by comparison, so the emphasis has to be placed on sourcing external markets alongside improving procedures at the GRA (Guyana Revenue Authority).Congratulating the new administration, McLean pledged GMSA’s “unreserved support” for the national development programmes, “even while we hold your feet to the fire.”He noted that the new Government is experiencing the proverbial baptism by fire with the simmering border controversy sparked by the claims of Venezuela on resource-rich Essequibo,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the largest county.“It is unjust, it is illegitimate, barefaced,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, and to use local parlance, rank eye-pass. I’m referring to our neighbour to the west who recently upped the ante in its mission to bully Guyana into submission so they could take what is rightfully ours.  This latest Venezuelan attempt to annex our Exclusive Economic Zone has the potential to create more multilateral difficulties (for them) than they bargained for since it also threatens the Eastern Caribbean and Suriname’s wealth, their peace and security.”