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PPP The People’s Progressive Party extends Phagwah greetings to all Guyanese in general and to the Hindu community in particular.Phagwah has become one of the most popular festivals in our country. This is because the message of this festival is universal. It is a story of the victory of good over evil.Today, as we celebrate this wonderful occasion we must spare a moment to take stock of our achievement since our country emerged from the pits of oppression in 1992.Our accomplishments have been tremendous. We have totally rebuilt our destroyed infrastructure and have further expanded them.Freedoms and rights which are being fought for in many parts of the world flourish here.Most important, our people have come together and we are storming the walls of poverty and other social ills. We can be proud of the fact that on every front we have made great advances. Our country has a lot to celebrate. It has been proven without a shadow of doubt that democracy is superior to dictatorship. The Guyanese people must guard their gains jealously and advance to greater prosperity.Once again we extend happy Phagwah greeting to all.*********************PNC/R The People’s National Congress Reform has extended sincere Holi greetings to the Hindu Community of Guyana in particular, and Guyanese in general, on the occasion of the celebration of the Festival of Phagwah in Guyana.People’s National Congress Reform Party Chairman, Cammie Ramsaroop, on the occasion noted the fact that the significance of Phagwah is two-fold.“Its secular significance lies in the advent of the season of spring, and its real and allegorical implications of fertility rebirth, renewal and regeneration”. Ramsaroop noted that the religious significance of Holi lies in the conquest of good over evil, manifested by the destruction by Prahalada of his demonic father, King Hiranyakashipu.“As the celebrated Indian national, Kulapati Vani wrote many years ago, ‘… festivals are gatherings for refreshing the spirit and enjoying life.’”Ramsaroop made to call to all Guyanese to use this occasion to refresh their spirit and enjoy life and to participate fully in this colorful festival and enjoy the rich elements of our religious and cultural diversity.“We are conscious, also that our spirits are becoming increasingly sullen and sour, in the brooding darkness that now engulfs our land.”He reiterated the fact that violent crime, runaway cost of living, pervasive joblessness, creeping despotism, nay real despotism,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, societal disintegration and deepening poverty, stalk our land; partisanship,NFL Jerseys Outlet, discrimination and executive lawlessness compound bad and vindictive governance; our Economy and Society are in tatters and our Nation can only see dark clouds on the horizon, clouds even made literally darker with the onslaught of the La Nina.Given all this we urge all Guyanese people to see some spiritual inspiration in this Festival and to brace themselves against these many evils that are in our midst, and resolve, at this juncture, to take steps to end these calamities that now bedevil our country, and to restore equity, justice,Wholesale Jerseys Supply, peace and prosperity to our dear Motherland.*******************AFCThe Alliance for Change extends Phagwah greetings to all Guyanese especially our Hindu brothers and sisters and embraces the challenging spirit of Prahalad.The colourful festival of holi is a time for rejoicing in a spirit of cohesion and national unity. Family, friends and neighbors engage in the joyous festivities centered around the playful squirting of the beautiful varieties of abeer and abrack. The membership and supporters of the AFC will be avidly partaking in these festivities and encourage all to learn and emulate Prahalad’s  rejection of falsehood.However, this occasion is also a time for serious recollection and introspection. Hindus are all taught the poignant fable of Prahalad,Cheap Jerseys From China, the boy prince who opposed his all powerful father Hiranyakashipu in the defense of truth,NFL Jerseys From China, righteousness and reality of the Supreme Being.In this vein,  the AFC calls on all Guyanese to be a Prahalad and register their disapproval of the oppression and corruption in Guyana.  It is time for Guyanese and Hindus in particular to change the current political, economic and social structures so that a new Guyana of peace, justice, racial harmony and financial prosperity can be ushered in.Thus, the AFC believes and is guided by the principle that oppression, injustice and tyranny as is characteristic of the present political regime must be challenged and confronted by the forces of justice and equity. It is only out of this activism of defiance will a more humane, prosperous and just order be possible in Guyana.It is this philosophy that will be informing and guiding the work of the AFC in this significant year to come.

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Minister of Finance,Cheap China NFL Jerseys, Dr. Ashni Singh, has announced a further reduction in the tax rate on diesel following a previous reduction he had announced in mid-June.According to Minister Singh,China NFL Jerseys, with effect from today,Cheap Jerseys From China, the tax rate on diesel would be slashed to 20 percent. At the start of this year, diesel was being taxed at 40 percent,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, until June when the rate was reduced to 30 percent.Minister Singh explained that this decision was taken in light of the upward movement in the imported cost of refined fuel products observed in recent months. In the case of diesel, acquisition cost has climbed to US$90.72 per barrel, up from US$76.44 per barrel in mid-June.The reduction of the tax rate on diesel is intended to help counter the increase in the world market price, cushion the impact on the cost of production of goods and services in the agricultural,Wholesale China Jerseys, fishing, manufacturing, commercial, and the services sectors, and ultimately minimise the impact of adverse external developments on domestic consumers.Minister Singh also pointed out that during last year,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, several successive reductions in the excise tax rates on fuel were implemented by Government at a total cost of $4.2 billion, to ensure that consumers were protected from volatile world market prices.

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Brassington,NFL Jerseys From China, Jagdeo and Ashni are not only scamps. Dem is bareface scamps. A few days ago, Brassington tell this nation half truths and many lies.At a press conference that he call,nfl jerseys china, to talk bout de Marriott,Wholesale Football Jerseys, de fuss lie he tell is that all he dealings wid de Marriott was transparent. He had to be wearing nylon shirt wha only Donald,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, Ashni and Jagdeo coulda see through.Then he seh that de hotel is de first major hotel in Guyana in 45 years. Wha happen wid de Pegasus? Is that a rum shop?Then he seh that de feasibility study show that de hotel gun mek eleven per cent profit. He did not tell de whole story in de people report. He ain’t even tell half. He didn’t tell people that fuh mek de eleven per cent profit Guyana had to find oil, must have a road to Brazil, plus a deep water harbor. De people talk bout other things but Brassington hide that from de people. That was de con.Then he try to show that Guyana is not de only government to invest in a hotel. He seh that Trinidad own de Hyatt and got share in de Hilton. Wha he didn’t tell de nation is that Trinidad economy is six times that of Guyana; that de population is almost three times Guyana own and is like comparing chalk to cheese.He then seh that de opposition attack de project from de inception. He shame fuh seh is de media that expose dem dutty tricks.Dem four crooks, Brassington, Donald, Jagdeo and Ashni, seh that de Marriott gun create nuff job. De place done build and not one Guyanese ain’t wuk pun it.De hotel near done and instead of creating new jobs fuh people, Brassington and he clique thiefing people from other hotels,Cheap Jerseys From China, bars and rum shops.And de biggest lie to kick de bucket is when he seh that not one cent of tax dollars build de hotel. He seh all de money he spend on de hotel is NICIL money.Well dem boys got questions fuh dem. NICIL is owned by Brassington and he family? Jagdeo and he whatever you call it? Ashni and he family?  Donald and he family?Dem boys find it strange because dem know that all de money that goes into NICIL coming from state corporations,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, state institutions and state properties.Whether it comes from dividends, profits, sale of state assets, it come from the people of Guyana, not de private bank book or de safe dem got in dem house or de one dem got buried in dem backyard.Talk half and wait fuh much more on the Bharwah Bharriot.