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Residents in Newhaven/Siriki, on the Essequibo Coast,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, have received a US$50,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,000 portable sawmill from Food for the Poor Guyana Inc (FFTP).Newhaven/Siriki is a new community constructed by FFTP one year ago; currently the area houses 75 families,NFL Stitched Jerseys, all of whom were given a house each by the organization.According to one source,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the men in the area turned “to the bush” for employment,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, hence the organization decided to donate the portable sawmill so residents would not have to leave their home for employment purposes. The main purpose of the donation is to assist the community to sustain itself. The donation was made a few months ago and training started last Friday. The portable sawmill will provide employment for 25 men within the community.Food for the Poor is aiming at “equipping” these men with knowledge of using the portable sawmill. A representative of the organization noted that a machine specialist from Farfan and Mendes is at present conducting training sessions for these men.The organization has already provided the community with boats and tractors. It also built a storage system for the men to export lumber.After the training ends, FFTP will provide supervision for 68 months.The Guyana Forestry Commission provided the area with 10 acres of land and will train these men in professional logging.

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United States Vice President Joseph Biden thanked the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for its “encouragement” to his country to “make the change” with Cuba.CARICOM has been advocating for an end to the economic and trade embargo on Cuba by the US as well as for an end to the isolation of Cuba from the hemispheric councils. President Obama recently announced steps towards the normalisation of relations between the US and Cuba.In an opening statement at the Multilateral Meeting with Caribbean Heads of Government in Washington DC, USA on Monday,Wholesale Jerseys, Vice President Biden also indicated that he had advised US Treasury Department to change its voting positions with respect to graduation policies of the international financial institutions. Mr Biden referred especially to financing with respect to renewable energy and natural disaster management.CARICOM has been lobbying consistently for a reversal of the policy which sees many of the Member States being denied access to concessionary development financing due to being graduated through the use of GDP per capita as a major criterion. Japan has also indicated in recent times a willingness to revise its position on the same issue.CARICOM Chairman, Perry Christie,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, the Prime Minister of The Bahamas in his opening statement  referred to CARICOM and the United States having a” kith and kin relationship” which allows for them to have a shared vision. Prime Minister Christie took the opportunity once again to extend an invitation to US President Barak Obama to meet with the Community’s leaders.Prime Minister Christie told the Vice President that as leaders there was an enduring obligation to ensure that the youth had a future and would not be victims of hopelessness. Discussions such as those engaged in at the meeting should always have that issue at the forefront,Cheap Jerseys From China, the Prime Minister said.The meeting was a follow up to one held in Port of Spain,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Trinidad and Tobago in May 2013 and discussions centred around economic competitiveness, citizen security and issues raised at the earlier meeting including energy and climate change.The Vice President reported that in following up results of that session,Cheap Jerseys From China, the US had included the Caribbean in its broadband partnership for the Americas.He also said that before the end of the year six CARICOM countries would be enlisted on an electronic system which was being implemented by the US to track criminal deportees. This,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, he said, would give more complete information on the deportees to help the receiving countries deal with the problem.

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Li’l rain fall and de place flood. And as usual,Air Force 270 Australia, people stewps dem teeth. Some cuss City Hall and some cuss Bar-Rat. None of dem didn’t cuss one another fuh blocking up de drain.Robeson pull on he lang boots and start fuh walk round de town. Dem boys seh that he tek Rob-bert wuk. Rob-Bert was de man who use to pray fuh rain because he know when rain fall is money fuh he Ministry.De money is to buy seed or to dig drain or to build concrete floor fuh dry paddy. Just de other day he commission a seed programme. De obsession wid seed had people thinking that de poor man lacking something.And dem boys seh that cockishness tek over de country. De government advertise de laptop programme. Right away some people decide that dem gun smart de system. One claim that he wukking wid Dell and that Dell gun supply de computers.He had to know that people gun check,Alexander Nylander Jersey, or he think that in Guyana these days people does tek whatever you seh.Another find a counterfeit computer. A computer name Lenovo but this man send in one name Lenova. De whole tender scrap. This time people done line up fuh de computer. Dem boys sorry fuh dem poor people. Dem got a long time lining up because de government decide to tender again.De smartness is in de sale of de tender document. People got to buy de document suh by setting up another tender de government gun mek more money.No tricks,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, no living. Ash-knee smiling.Talk half. Lef half.

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Commodore Gary Best and Vice Admiral Sobrinho of Brazil have inked an agreement that paves the way for the Brazilian Navy to provide technical,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, operational and administrative assistance to support the Coast Guard and in particular the GDF flagship, the GDFS Essequibo.The agreement, which in its current state is ready for implementation,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, subject to the approval of the local Defence Board,Dirk Nowitzki Jersey, was signed when military delegations from Guyana and Brazil met on Monday and Tuesday.Chief of Staff Best headed the GDF delegation which included a corps of Senior Officers, while the Brazilian naval contingent was headed by Commander of the 2nd Naval District of the Brazilian Navy,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Vice Admiral Ademir Sobrinho.Commodore Gary Best and Vice Admiral Ademir Sobrinho exchange signed agreements. In the background are members from both delegations.A press release from the GDF stated that the two delegations were engaged in cordial discussions and the Brazilian team visited Base Camp Ayanganna where they were given a brief on the Guyana Defence Force.Thereafter they toured Coast Guard Ship,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Hinds,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/Argentina/, at Ruimveldt.The two delegations have also established points of contact.The Guyana Defence Force and the Brazilian Armed Forces have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship over the years.The Brazilians played an integral part in the refurbishing of the auxiliary engines of the GDF Essequibo three years ago.

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By Leonard GildarieHopes are running high as Guyana’s search for oil took a major step forwardThe Ocean Saratoga rig in the Corentyne concession, getting ready for the commencement of drilling next week.with an announcement yesterday that drilling has started in the Jaguar-1 well, located 107 miles offshore of Georgetown.The Atwood Beacon, a jack-up rig, is in place and drilling is fully underway,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, officials said yesterday.This development is occurring almost 12 years after Suriname ejected a CGX rig from waters that the neighbouring country claimed belonged to them, temporarily dashing the hopes of Guyana.The Jaguar-1, located in the Georgetown Petroleum Prospecting License (“PL”) is 25% owned by CGX Resources Inc. with the partners being Spanish-based Repsol Exploracion S.A (15%), as operator, along with YPF Guyana Limited (30%) and Tullow Oil plc (30%).Drilling started since Tuesday, said officials from government, Repsol and CGX yesterday.However, Guyana will have to wait for another six months or so to know whether oil in commercial quantities has been found in that concession which is over 3,700 square kilometers.In another week or so,Deion Jones Falcons Jersey, another rig is expected to start drilling in the Corentyne concession that is 100% controlled by CGX. The Ocean Saratoga, the semi-submersible rig,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, is already on site there in preparation for the start of drilling. It is expected that results could come within three months for that well.According to a CGX statement yesterday, the Jaguar-1 well off Georgetown will be drilled to a depth of 6,500 metres (around 21,000 feet) to test the Turonian geologic zone. The well is being drilled by the Atwood Beacon jack-up drilling rig operated by Atwood Oceanics Inc.According to Stephen Hermeston, CGX’s President and CEO, “The spud of the Jaguar-1 well officially commences the long awaited resumption of offshore exploration drilling for the Government and People of Guyana, the Georgetown Joint Venture Partners and CGX shareholders. The Jaguar-1 well will be the deepest well drilled to date in the Guyana/Suriname Basin. The well is targeting the TuronianRepresentatives of Repsol and CGX along with Minister Robert Persaud and GGMC’s Newell Dennison yesterday.geologic zone, a prolific producing zone offshore West Africa and Brazil.”CGX Energy is a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration company focused on the exploration of oil in the Guyana-Suriname Basin, an area that is ranked second in the world for oil and gas prospectivity by the United States Geological Service. Estimates of mean recoverable oil reserves are around over 15 billion barrels and gas reserves of 42 trillion cubic feet.Six monthsAccording to Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, all activities for the drilling of the Jaguar-1 well are going according to plan. “This is a deep well and it will take about six months to get to the target area,” the Minister said during a press conference at his office on Shiv Chanderpaul Drive. Also at the press conference were CGX’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Stockinger; Tarachandra Khelawan,NFL Jerseys 2018, Administrative Manager; Repsol’s Country Manager, Giancarlo Ariza, and Head of the Guyana Geology Mines Commission (GGMC’s) Petroleum Division, Newell Dennison.Access to the Jaguar-1 well will take about an hour’s flight or 12 hours by boat.But the drilling for oil is not without challenges. To ensure that the rigs in place meet safety requirements and other regulatory needs, stakeholders have been summoned to a workshop to familiarize themselves.Safety was also a main concern raised by President Donald Ramotar during a recent meeting with the oil companies.“We have placed a lot of emphasis and high premium on the issue of safety…” Persaud said in response to questions. “We have been assured by our technical staff and different agencies that there is a robust plan… learning also from the experiences that we would have had in recent times.”The Minister was in all likelihood referring to a number of high profile oil spillages in other countries.Regarding what happens if oil is found,China Jerseys Cheap, the Minister noted that the legislations and arrangements are in place to deal with such eventualities.US$500,000Regarding the operations on the rigs and financial benefits from Guyana, it was disclosed that a comprehensive logistics plans is in place using boats and airplanes to take supplies to the two rigs.Already, for the Jaguar-1 well, Repsol and its partners have spent around US$52M, to rent the Atwood Beacon rig, among other things.The group expects to spend up to US$180M to drill in the Georgetown concessions.Guyana has sent local inspectors to Trinidad for training to handle work on the rig.CGX officials also indicated yesterday that it may cost them around US$55M to drill in the Corentyne area.But renting the rigs is not cheap. CGX is spending around US$500,000 daily to have Ocean Saratoga anchored in Corentyne concession.The Atwood Beacon rig is even more expensive, racking up around $650,Cheap NHL Jerseys,000 in costs daily.According to Minister Persaud, the US government will be conducting meetings with critical players on how to manage potential revenues that could be earned by Guyana in case of any oil discovery.A team from the Commonwealth is also expected in Guyana shortly.