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…lawyers move to High Court Attorneys for Barry Dataram yesterday moved to the High Courts before Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire after another provisional warrant was granted in the Magistrates’ Court by Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton earlier in the morning.The lawyers for the accused are arguing that the provisional warrant is unlawful and that their client’s arrest is unlawful.Barry DataramThe move to grant another provisional warrant took the defence lawyers by surprise. They had indicated a move to the High Court for a writ of habeas corpus. The warrant has overtaken the writ.Dataram’s lead attorney,Wholesale Jerseys USA, Vic Puran, had said earlier that the High Court stipulated that Dataram report to a police station on Mondays and Fridays as directed by the Commissioner of Police.The lawyers are claiming that no such order was directed to the accused.The police arrested Dataram Saturday night stating that he had breached a High Court order which mandated him to report to the police station.Puran told the court that every citizen should be protected by the laws of the state. They should also be treated with fairness and given justice, he added.Yesterday at the High Court before Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire, the state, represented by Attorney General Doodnauth Singh and his team,Cheap Jerseys From China, told the judge that they are concerned about the defence notification process.He further stated that the state was served a document at 2:00 pm on Monday stating that the matter was heard by Justice George-Wiltshire.At this point,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Justice George said that no order was before her and sought an explanation from the lead attorney Vic Puran.He in turn told her that the document that the defence sent was merely to inform the prosecution that the matter would be heard before the presiding judge. He further noted that it was never the intention of the defence to abuse the court process,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but only to assist the court.Puran further explained that earlier in the morning Magistrate Octive-Hamilton had purported the issuance of the provisional warrant.He posited that the provisional warrant relates to information on the arrest of Dataram,Arian Foster Dolphins Jersey, and the Crime Chief Mr. Seelall Persaud “saying certain things” in the witness box. These things that he said could never measure up to the evidence and therefore it is biased to grant such an order.Puran stated that the courts would have to determine the legality of the proceedings which took place and the state in turn would have to challenge it.Attorney General Doodnauth Singh then asked for leave so that he can file an affidavit to challenge what Puran stated.Dataram was arrested earlier by local police on a provisional warrant of arrest pending extraditions proceedings by the United States of America. Reports are that Dataram was indicted in the US for drug-related charges.Speaking to this newspaper, attorney Glenn Hanoman said that since the Magistrate signed the provisional warrant, the Minister of Home Affairs would now have to sign an order approving the extradition hearing.The matter has been adjourned to Monday before Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire.

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There has been a significant outcry in relation to a piece of legislation that was approved enshrining the ‘Benefits and Other Facilities’ due to former Presidents.Former President Bharrat Jagdeo had assented to the legislation when it was approved in the National Assembly during the course of the Ninth Parliament but the Opposition, which has a majority in this Tenth Parliament, had wanted it reversed.The Opposition complained about the inability to properly quantify the amounts payable to former Presidents under the legislation. However, Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, says that the legislation only enshrined in law benefits that were made available on a discretionary basis in the past.Attorney General, Anil NandlallThe Opposition has already triggered a move to have the package reviewed in Parliament with a view to having the legislation amended.Should this move by the Opposition prove to be successful, Attorney General,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Anil Nandlall contends that none of the former President’s currently enjoying benefits under the arrangements would be affected.These benefits cannot be reversed, argues Nandlall. He insists that laws made, are not retroactive.Nandlall, in a brief interview with this publication yesterday,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, reminded that legislation in particular that deals with property and property interest such “as a pension cannot operate by law retrospectively,NFL Jerseys Cheap,” in a manner that would adversely affect the person enjoying such a benefit.He explained that such a move would affect vested fundamental rights that are protected by the Constitution of Guyana.“It can have no retroactive and retrospective effect and therefore cannot affect in any manner form or fashion the pension for any former president.”Asked specifically about the “benefits and other facilities” enjoyed by a former President, Nandlall said “in my view it is indivisible.”He explained that “it is a package enjoyed by former Presidents and therefore one cannot sever it.”According to Nandlall,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the Constitution speaks to the remuneration of the President as well as terms of service and “that is secured while he holds office…Article 222 is clear that you cannot change or alter to the disadvantage of the office holder any of those terms and conditions of service that he enjoys including his remuneration.”He said that in the case where such a President demits Office, the pension or a package “which he is to enjoy ex-post facto…then the same spirit and the same legal principal will apply and you cannot deny him that right or entitlement.”Former President,Cheap China Jerseys, Bharrat Jagdeo

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Tortola, BVI (Virginislandsnewsonline) – A search team returned without results after combing several stretches of the northern shoreline of Tortola for missing Guyanese, Roger Fraser aka ‘Scarry’ yesterday, December 15, 2013.Fraser,Barcelona Jerseys, 41, went missing one week ago on December 8, 2013 after leaving his Long Trench home for a fishing expedition in the Cooper Bay area with close friend and fellow Guyanese, Kendeye Thomas. The two often told persons they were brothers because of their closeness and shared fishing as a favourite pastime.Roger Fraser called ‘Scarry’Both men were reportedly swept out to the sea by strong waves while fishing near rocks in the Cooper Bay area. Thomas’ body was discovered the following day, December 9, 2013 in the Larmer’s Bay area after it washed ashore. He was reportedly planning a trip to Guyana within the coming days to meet relatives after being away for nearly a year.An eight-member team comprising several friends of Fraser and his wife,Custom Juventus Jerseys, Rehani Bacchus,Aleix Vidal Jersey, embarked along the treacherous pathway that took the two missing men to the area where they were last seen on that fateful day.Searches were also done in the Cane Garden Bay and Brewers Bay areas without success.Speaking in an exclusive interview with Virgin Islands News Online, Bacchus related that the couple had been together for nearly two decades. The mother of three said Fraser left home hurriedly after speaking with a friend on the phone whom she presumed to be Thomas. He was reportedly playing a game of ‘Patience’ [Solitaire], which he loved and asked Bacchus to pack up the cards as he left. Those were the final words she was to hear from her husband before he disappeared.Rehani described Roger as a friendly, jovial and loving person and although she acknowledges that the passage of time may make his safe return all the more difficult,Ander Herrera Jersey, she is keen on answers to the entire episode, both for herself and his mother who is currently in the Virgin Islands on vacation. Fraser reportedly sang the happy birthday song for his mother on the day of his disappearance.The missing man’s wife has not given up hope and continues to press forward in a very brave manner, especially for the three children who are currently at home in Guyana and anxious for news of his safe return.Rehani Bacchus (centre) with some members of the team that assisted in searching for Roger Fraser on Sunday.Persons having any information about Fraser’s whereabouts are encouraged to contact the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).Meanwhile, Head of the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) Mr. Philip Aspinall related that his team last conducted searches on Friday December 13, 2013 for the missing man and will now focus their efforts along the shores.“We’re working with the police on that,” Aspinall disclosed, “we’re scheduled to go out again [today, December 16].” He also related that Bacchus and Fraser’s mother have been in contact with him daily for updates.Searches were conducted in both eastern and western directions of where the two men were last seen, “We’re expecting if anything that if he is going to come ashore,Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey, that he will come ashore in that very same area,” Aspinall stated.The group has gone as far west as Brewers Bay. He described the ocean’s condition as “nasty” and said they have been rough and unpleasant all week and too rough to put divers into.Efforts made to contact Public Relations Officer,Cheap Barcelona Jersey, Ms Diane Drayton for any comment on the status of police investigations proved unsuccessful up to post time.