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– World renowned El Dorado rums to be showcasedBeverage giant Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) will be staging a host of activities to mark its first ever Demerara Rum Heritage Month to be observed this month. This was revealed at a press conference and media tour held at the company’s Diamond,Discount NFL Jerseys, East Bank Demerara location,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, yesterday.The Demerara Rum Heritage Month is in recognition of the rich heritage of the world renowned El Dorado rums produced by the company.Various promotions and events will be held throughout the month. These include promotional packages at Distribution Services Limited (DSL) Cash and Carry locations, supermarket specials,Cheap Sports Jerseys, cocktails, competitions and a Navy Theme Party,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, to be held on July 23 at the Pegasus Hotel Guyana.Demerara Distillers Limited will also be holding a dinner on July 30 at the Grand Savannah Suite, Pegasus, the proceeds of which will go to the DDL Foundation’s Charity Fund.Managing Director of DDL, Komal Samaroo, noted that the superior quality El Dorado Rums distilled and produced by DDL is testimony to its rich Demerara Heritage.“The enormous international recognition and awards the El Dorado rum brands have received over the years is a clear indication that DDL continues to produce the finest spirits with a taste and blend, unique to Guyana and Demerara. This legacy dates back to centuries and will continue to influence the process which has produced the gold medal winning El Dorado brands voted best in their respective classes.”Recognising the historical significance of the Demerara Rums, DDL Brand Manager,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Jeranzee Marques noted, “The El Dorado line of rums with its Demerara heritage is synonymous with superior quality and unmatched taste not only in Guyana, but anywhere in the world. These are internationally acclaimed products with a truly rich heritage that DDL and all of Guyana can be proud of.”Demerara Rum Heritage Month also coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the Abolition of Tot.A Tot was approximately half a pint of blended rum issued to sailors in the British Naval Fleets, a practice which was abolished on July 31,Wholesale China Jerseys, 1970. Guyana’s famous Demerara Rum was included in this blend.The El Dorado rums are distilled, blended and bottled by Demerara Distillers Limited and have been in production for over 350 years.According to Project Manager, Carl Kanto, the yeast plant grows and cultivates the yeast for the fermentation system which is sent to the “fermentors” that are used to ferment the molasses to produce alcohol; then the fermented liquid is sent to the stills where the alcohol is separated from the effluent, from which the raw rum is derived from.He disclosed that the wooden coffee still that is used by DDL is the only one left in the world. It gives the rum the uniqueness and specialty.He added that a five column and a two column distillation stills are presently being constructed to enhance the production.

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