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Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday refused to grant bail to a man who was charged with uttering a forged document and conspiracy to commit a felony.The accused,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China, Devon Seales, between October 12,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, 2004 and December 2005,China Jerseys Cheap, allegedly conspired with person or persons unknown to forge one driver’s license,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, purporting to show that same was issued by the License and Revenue Office,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, knowing same to be false.The second charge read that on March 19, he uttered to a police Lance Corporal one driver license in favour of himself knowing same to be false. To both charges the accused pleaded not guilty.He maintained in court that the document was indeed issued to him by the License and Revenue Office.The prosecutor asked that bail be refused so that the police can conduct a thorough investigation,Cheap Jerseys Online, since the accused held out that he got the document from the GRA office.Bail was refused and Seales will make his next court appearance today.
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By Latoya GilesDead: Krishnadai Singh called ‘Geeta’An abusive, drug-addicted man is now on the run,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, after killing his 50-year-old reputed wife at her Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara home yesterday afternoon.Krishnadai Singh, called “Geeta”, of 245 Cornelia Ida, Block ‘X’, was cornered in her bedroom and stabbed in the region of the heart with a kitchen knife.She died shortly after at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.The suspect,NFL Jerseys China, identified as Ganesh Narine, called “Kana”, fled the scene and was still at large at press time.Singh is the second woman to be slain in four days and the third to be attacked by her paramour and stabbed.Singh, who ran a small grocery shop,Wholesale Jerseys Online, was at home with her daughter, Amanda, who witnessed the stabbing.Amanda Singh told Kaieteur News that she was in the shop when the suspect came home.Dead: Krishnadai Singh called ‘Geeta’The daughter said that she went outside to look at her two children, but returned inside after she heard her mother and the suspect arguing.“I was going inside to see what they arguing for and I see like he going to slap she , so I turn to he and seh ‘Kana, don’t slap Mommy’ and then I pull she and tell she run outside,” the tearful daughter explained.Singh said that the suspect then picked up the kitchen knife, but told them he was going to cook.“He pick up some onions and garlic pretending that he was going and cook, but then he started to point de knife at Mommy.”According to Ms. Singh, the suspect began to attack them with the knife, and managed to stab the elder woman to the heart, as she attempted to shield her daughter from the attack.The daughter’s screams alerted residents that something was amiss.Leila Shivdin, a neighbour, said that she rushed to Singh’s residence, only to find her friend lying in a pool of blood in her bedroom.She said that she picked up a piece of cloth and wiped the blood that was gushing from Singh’s wound.“I asked Geeta what happened and she just looked at me and didn’t say anything.”By the time Singh was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital,Wholesale Jerseys, she was already dead.DRUG USEAlthough family members were shocked to hear about Singh’s sudden demise, they were not surprised about the outcome of the couple’s stormy 14-year union.Relatives at Singh’s home described the suspect as a drug user and heavy drinker,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who would beat and demand money from the now dead woman.One relative recounted that only two weeks ago the suspect forced Singh to hand over two of her gold rings after physically assaulting her.The relative alleged that the suspect then bought drugs at a nearby “drug house”, only to return later in the night to torment his spouse.Another relative said that the alleged killer stole a computer and pawned it to fulfill his drug habit.“He went and pawn de computer to buy he drugs and when he finish he come home and beat she up.”Relatives also told Kaieteur News that Singh was urged to end the relationship because of the abuse.One relative said that Singh and the suspect would stop talking, but would rekindle the relationship within a few days.“She children stop getting in they story because the mother does always go back with this man even though he does beat she bad.”Only last Tuesday, a horrific crime of passion played out at Canal Number Two Polder, after 27-year-old Omattie Kallicharran, called Reshma, was stabbed to death by her estranged husband, Vishnudat Thajram.Thajram subsequently died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after slitting his throat and ingesting a poisonous substance.On Wednesday night,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, 34-year-old Sharmine Mc Kay was stabbed multiple times about the body during an attack that left a five-inch blade lodged in her abdomen.She is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital in the High Dependency Unit.

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