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Barney Levengood,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, executive director of the Capital Improvement Board of Managers,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, issued a statement saying that one man and one woman had been transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. A second man was treated and released at Lucas Oil Stadium. Cincinnati won the game 9-6.
Stadium officials issued a statement after the game saying medics deemed all injuries to be "non-life threatening,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet."
"A bolt from the fixed structure sheared and dropped into seating section 248,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys," Levengood said in the statement. "The movement of the roof was stopped immediately and stadium authorities were notified."

In September 2013,NFL Jerseys 2018, during a regular-season game against Oakland, a railing collapsed in the lower bowl of the stadium when several fans were leaning over it. Two men fell into a tunnel near the field, but neither was seriously hurt. Witnesses said they were leaning over the railing and trying to grab the gloves worn by Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson.
Authorities said the injury occurred while the roof opened just before the second-half kickoff of the traditional preseason finale between Indianapolis and Cincinnati,Cheap Jerseys.
But the accident is the second in two years involving fans.
Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts' home field, hosted the Super Bowl in February 2012.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Three people sustained minor injuries at Thursday night's Colts game when they were hit by a bolt from the roof.

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