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NEW AMSTERDAM ,Cheap Jerseys, BERBICE – Fewer lives were lost on the Berbice roadways in 2008 as compared to the previous year. Over the weekend, Officer-In-Charge of Traffic in Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force, Owen Trotz, indicated that in 2007 there were 38 fatal accidents with 44 deaths and last year there were 22 accidents with a matching number of lives lost.In December there was only one fatal accident and this was on the West Coast of Berbice.The victim, 68-year old Watson Joseph,, a former officer of the Guyana Defence Force, was cycling along the Number Five Village Public Road. He was proceeding west on the southern carriageway when he was reportedly struck by a car.The number of the vehicle is unknown,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, and according to reports, it was raining and persons in the vicinity were unable to provide tangible information.The officer expressed some concern over the number of animals roaming on the roadways. According to him, in Region Six, donkeys outnumber cows on the thoroughfares. He is calling owners to control their animals. In Region Five the situation of stray animals is not as prevalent as across in East Berbice.Mr. Trotz said that as Operation Safeway – Zero Tolerance continues, the use of the radar guns will go on. It is the view of some members of the Guyana Police Force that the reduced accident figures,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, in general, can be attributed to the use of the radar guns and Operation Safeway – Zero Tolerance.He is also calling on pedal cyclists to use the road wisely thus observing the road safety laws and ensure that lights or reflectors are used on their cycles. In addition they must wear light-coloured clothing during the hours of darkness.Today schools across Guyana re-open for the Easter Term. He is urging school children to obey the curb drill,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, never walk more than two abreast and wherever there are pedestrian crossings to use them.Touching on the traffic on the Berbice River Bridge, Trotz is calling on motorists not to speed or overtake while on the bridge. Drivers using the Access Road on the eastern side are urged to be cautious since this roadway has not yet been completed.The amendment to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic 2008 would soon be implemented and this involves the breathalyzer tests and increases in fines among other things.

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