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Eighteen-year-old Osafo Johnson was yesterday back in court, this time before Magistrate Allan Wilson to answer to two counts of robbery with an offensive weapon.The teen who has already made several court appearances pleaded not guilty to robbing two women at knifepoint while they were on Water Street in Georgetown. The charge alleged that on April 9 at the said location, Johnson used a knife to rob Ormi Roberts of a Nokia Cellphone,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, cash and a hand bag – a total value of $29,500.He was further charged for a robbery committed against Marcel Roth,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, from whom a BlackBerry cell phone,Wholesale China Jerseys, cash and a hand bag was stolen,Authentic Jerseys For Sale, valued at $165,000.Defence Attorney George Thomas made an appearance for Johnson who he said was 18 years old and had no previous convictions. Thomas said that Johnson lives at 708 East La Penitence. Georgetown, and he made a bail application for the teen and submitted that his client was prepared to accept any conditions imposed by the court and that he was not a flight risk since he is ready to ventilate the charges laid against him.Police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield did not object to bail, but requested conditions from the court.The Magistrate then ordered that Johnson report to the Brickdam Police Station every Monday. He was also granted bail to the tune of $15,000 for the alleged robbery of Roberts while for the alleged offence against Roth, bail was set at $25,000.Johnson was given May 3 to return to court.In 2010 Johnson was shot twice in the back by police ranks who subsequent to that, tossed the teen into the lock ups. The man was fingered as an affiliate of then wanted man ‘Cobra.’ The police said that as they tried to apprehend the man, he opened fire on them and sought to escape resulting in the police’s use of force.Prior to yesterday’s matter, Johnson had made other appearances at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where he faced charges of wounding and other petty robberies. When Johnson was shot by the police they had claimed that the man was wanted for a number of armed robberies and that he was further needed for questioning in relation to a murder.Johnson’s father, Dexter Johnson, had also suffered from gunshot wounds where he was reportedly shot by two young men as he pushed his motorcycle along a dam in East La Penitence. Twenty seven-year-old Shaka Chase and 18-year-old Keon Niles were both asked to post bail in the sum of $300,000. The matter was however put on hold when Johnson senior reportedly refused to give evidence against the two accused. The matter is still to be completed.Coupled with that, in late December, Johnson’s mother Sandra Williams was fined $100,NFL Jerseys Discount,000 for shoplifting 1800 grams Milex powdered milk from Nirva Supermarket, Sheriff Street. She had appeared before then Magistrate Fazil Azeez who had fined the woman $25,000 more than her accomplice since the Magistrate said “I remember you”. Azeez had told the woman that it was not the first time that she had been coming to the court for matters of that nature. She was charged jointly with Amanda Duncan who was fined $75,000 for the crime.Williams had hidden the large tin of milk underneath her skirt while her accomplice had her tin in her hand bag. The women sought to escape via a waiting taxi. They were nabbed by the security guard and a Guyanese born, ex- marine officer from the United States.
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– Acting Top Cop identifies gross carelessnessWith nine firearms regarded as ‘stolen’ from licenced firearm holders within three months, the Commission of Police (Acting), David Ramnarine, is nothing but peeved at the whole situation.Yesterday during a press conference held at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown, the Top Cop, said that “One firearm is one too many, much less nine firearms.”He said that seven of these guns were .32 pistols. A shotgun and one 9mm pistol were also stolen during this period, July to September.Ramnarine expressed frustration,Wholesale Jerseys From China, citing the major contributing factor to these firearms being stolen is as a result of gross carelessness on the part of the licenced holders. To solidify his claim, Ramnarine outlined a few instances while nailing home the point, that the matter is of serious concern to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and also, poses a serious threat to the public since these firearms are most likely, now in the hands of criminal elements.“You don’t have to be a professor or someone with a Master’s Degree or someone with a degree to understand that this is really a serious matter in terms of the care; in terms of the level of responsibility exercised, which has resulted in the thefts of these firearms,” Ramnarine said.He recalled one instance where a licenced firearm holder was sleeping while his daughter was watching television with the door open at 21:00hrs. The home,Soccer Jerseys China, he said, was invaded and in the process, the firearm was taken.“A businesswoman on the East Coast, who obtained a firearm licence for protection,mlb jerseys china, is away from the business, leaves the firearm in a wardrobe at home,Cheap Jerseys Online, there is a robbery and the firearm is taken. How much more ridiculous can we get?” the acting Top Cop quizzed.The third instance, Ramnarine said, had to do with one gentlemen who departed Georgetown to go to Berbice and “enjoyed his drinks”,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and on his way home, the man felt drowsy and decided to take a nap along the Plaisance Public Road only to awaken the next morning to discover that his cellular phone and his firearm were missing.Ramnarine said that there is a big hue and cry in Guyana for personal firearm licences and yet, these nine instances – within recent times – show the level of responsibility being exhibited.“This is the behaviour we have…The other one is, the owner is overseas, the firearm is at home, the wife is not at home – this is on the West Demerara – there is a break and enter and larceny, the firearm is taken in the process. He didn’t lodge it at the police station as the instruction says on the licence – when not in use; he left it home – gone!”Ramnarine further reported another instance where a security guard was at a popular gas station on the East Coast of Demerara imbibing at 23:00hrs. An argument ensued and he was struck to the head.Ramnarine said that the gun subsequently fell off the guard’s waist and was later found on an individual whom, was released from prison a few days before.“And there we go!” Ramnarine exclaimed.He added that from the GPF’s analysis of recent robberies,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, it was found that 80 percent of the occurrences, .32 pistols have been used and since seven of the nine guns stolen were .32 pistols were stolen, Ramnarine asked how unreasonable was it to make a deduction.“The irresponsible behaviour of persons who are expected to display a very high degree or level of personal discipline, particularly since they have permission to use a licenced firearm, contributes not only to the challenges being faced (by the Police Force) but contributes to the general endangerment to society.”Ramnarine concluded that these firearms are now likely in the hands of criminal elements.

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