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– Finance MinisterMinister of Finance Ashni Singh and Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud yesterday joined members of the Community Development Council (CDC) of Region Four at its Annual Conference at the Diamond Secondary School.Held under the theme “Uniting Communities Across Guyana,” the conference was attended by over forty CDCs in the region including Mahaica and Kuru Kuru.Spearheaded by National Director of the CDC, Philomena Sahoye-Shury, the event in addition to allowing for interaction among the different CDCs, also provided a forum whereby the concerns of the councils were discussed and addressed.Each CDC also presented reports of the many projects implemented in their communities.National Director of the CDC Philomena Sahoye-Shury with some members of the different CDCsThere are over 400 CDCs countrywide. The councils actively work with the different groups in the communities, including the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA),Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys,the  women’s and farmers’ groups in facilitating projects aimed at fostering cleaner environment, healthier lifestyles and eradicating poverty  in the communities.Minister of Finance,Wholesale Jerseys, Ashni Singh,Cheap Baseball Jerseys China, told the councils that CDCs are crucial in ensuring that the community projects are identified and implemented.He commended the councils on their decision to get involved in the development of their communities.“It is leadership such as yours that we need and will serve our country well going forward,” he said.He said their proactive actions not only show their commitment towards the development of the country but their understanding that each citizen has a role to play towards this development.Minister Singh also praised Philomena Sahoye-Shury for her work with the CDCs, more so in her fostering of relations between the communities and the elected officials.He also extolled her championing of the many projects implemented in the different communities and reiterated Government’s committed support of the CDCs in the implementation of these projects.Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud said the establishment and maintenance of CDCs speaks of Government’s commitment to empowering people as well as deepening democracy and participation of every citizen in the affairs of community and Guyana.Government’s work with the CDCs also emphasises Government’s commitment to provide avenues for persons to participate and engage in contributing towards their livelihood, he said.He told the conference of the projects that the Ministry of Agriculture has been engaged in with particular emphasis on community enhancement.Minister Persaud pledged the ministry’s continued engagement with the CDCs,Cheap Jerseys From China, and called for continued participation from the CDCs.National Director of the CDC,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Philomena Sahoye-Shury expressed her thanks for the participation at the conference. She pledged her continued support to the communities.She was awarded tokens of appreciation by several CDCs for her contribution to their development.Each CDC was awarded a certificate of participation at the end of the conference. This is the third CDC conference for the year. Similar events were hosted in Regions Five and Six.The next CDC conference is scheduled to be held in Region Five. (GINA).

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