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Guyana is a strange place. Everything wrang does happen in Guyana. Is de only country wheh de big ones crookish and can lie. Every time dem open dem mouth is a lie and when dem get ketch dem does tell another lie.Tek de case of de Marriott. Ganda Paul join wid Gail and Brazzy fuh tell people how he didn’t know that no Guyanese couldn’t get wuk. Ganda Paul is de Labour Minister and Gail is de one who does always find fault wid everything anybody seh bout de government.Now all of dem claim how Guyana ain’t got workers suh de Chinee contractor had to bring in all de workers. Well dem boys want to know how come people still building houses and dem tall building although de country ain’t got workers? Imagine that dem is de same people who claim that Guyana got a high rate of unemployment.But that ain’t de story. When dem start fuh talk bout de hotel,Cheap Jerseys Online, Jagdeo claim how all dem project gun bring in employment. He right. He did not seh fuh who.De same Jagdeo tell de people of Guyana how when dem expand de airstrip more plane gun be coming to Guyana. Well de wuk just start and dem airline pulling out. Delta going. How people can believe that by de time de project done more plane gun come? That is why dem boys ain’t believe nutten bout people coming in Guyana and gun full de Marriott wha dem building.  Of course de plan was to build de airport and then advertise de hotel. Now dem boys sure that de hotel gun be a white elephant wid mostly Guyanese coming and going. Is de money dey tiefin and all of dem gun get ketch.An ex policeman who tun miner return home from de bush unexpectedly and find his policewoman wife in bed with another policeman! De wife jump out a window and run for she life. She mek Usain Bolt look like stupidness.The miner tell dem boys that when he see another red man in he bed he thought was his reflection but he wake up the policeman with a cutlass broadside pun he back. The policeman jump out he sleep and seh Red Man nah kill me. He still alive.Talk half and wait till Jagdeo dem get ketch.

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