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By Abena Rockcliffe-Campbell The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) has found itself in a tight position spending more than it is actually receiving.The Scheme’s General Manager, Holly Greaves,NFL Jerseys China, detailed the performance of the Scheme in 2016.She said that as at November 30,Cheap Authentic Jerseys Online, last, a brief examination of the income and expenditure figures show that NIS income from contributions collected was $17.3 B. Current expenditure over the same period amounted to about $17.5 B and capital expenditure stood at $34 M. Therefore,wholesale nfl jerseys, a deficit of $238.1M was recorded as at the end of November.Despite this, Greaves said that the latest forecast of the scheme’s financial operations for 2016 suggests that NIS will collect a further $2.2B in revenue during this month. This will make a significant difference. If this projected figure materializes, NIS will surpass its revenue target by approximately $1.8 B. Greaves said that this projected figure is expected mainly because NIS has been “aggressively” pursuing delinquent contributors.Greaves told the media that NIS is expected to expend a further $1.7B in December taking the total expenditure for the year to $19.2 B. The Manager said that the projected expenditure includes pension payment of $14.5B for 47,NFL Jerseys Cheap,372 pensioners.AchievementsGreaves boasted that NIS has benefitted from a number of initiatives under the guidance of the new Board of Directors which she said has directly enhanced the effectiveness of the organization’s information technology framework.The General Manager said that information dissemination through Facebook page has been beneficial. She said that the scheme has been able to provide information to large number of younger contributors. She also spoke about the benefit of a better website. Greaves said that the contribution checking system has attracted over 5,515 registered users. Of that number NIS was able to process 4,Cheap China Jerseys,493 of the applications.She said that of the 611 queries submitted, NIS has been able to resolve 494.Greaves said that NIS also started an online submission of electronic schedule which currently benefits 40 employers who do regular submissions via website. She said that this system will become fully operational in 2017.ChallengesGreaves said that an assessment of the current business and operating environment in 2016 revealed that there are other key issues that have an impact on the scheme’s income and operation. There is also the NIS inability to adequately capture the self-employed population. This resulted in shortage of budgetary target by over 395M.Other challenges faced by the scheme include the development of an informal workforce that is not complying with the national insurance regulation and an increase in the practice of some employers to deem workers under their supervision and control as self-employed rather than employees.
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Two hundred and twenty-six cases are listed to be heard during the January 2012 Assizes. The Demerara Session is scheduled to open next week Tuesday while the February Assizes for Berbice is set for opening on February 7, 2012 and the Essequibo Assizes on February 21,Cheap Jerseys 2018, next.Last year there were 206 matters on the list of cases for the Assizes. Sixty-one cases received attention. Of those presented,NFL Jerseys From China, 40 were from the Demerara Assizes,China Jerseys Cheap, 15 from the Berbice Assizes and six matters from the Essequibo Sessions.There were 31 cases for the offence of murder, two cases for manslaughter, one case for incest, five cases for rape,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, one case for robbery under arms, three cases for causing grievous bodily harm, 12 cases for carnal knowledge, one case for buggery, three cases for attempt to commit murder,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, one case for wounding with intent and one case for causing death by dangerous driving.During the year,Wholesale Jerseys, 53 cases were presented in court.  Eight were nolle prosequi (dropped) by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).Jail Delivery (the act of clearing of prisoners by bringing them to trial) was done by Madame Justice Dawn Gregory on Wednesday last bringing to an end the Demerara October 2011 Criminal Assizes. Two judges, Justice Winston Patterson and Madame Justice Dawn Gregory sat during the Demerara October 2011 Assizes to hear 206 matters.Each Judge had a list of 103 matters for hearing of which six matters were tried during this Demerara October 2011 Assizes in the High Court of Demerara. Three trials were done by Justice Patterson. A unanimous verdict of not guilty was returned by the Jury for two of these matters –one was for the offence of Murder and the other, Carnal Knowledge of a girl under 15 years.In the third matter which was also for Murder there was a Hung Jury and therefore this case will have to be done over.Madame Justice Dawn Gregory also completed three matters. In one of the matters, which was for the offence of Attempt to commit Murder the Jury, returned a verdict of guilty and the accused was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment minus the time served ( 2007 to 2011). In the other two matters which were for Murder the Jury returned  unanimous verdicts of not guilty. Of these six cases done for this Assizes there was one conviction despite there being strong evidence in the other five cases.The DPP nolle prosequi (dropped) wounding with Intent, Carnal Knowledge, Attempted Murder, Rape and Causing Death by Dangerous Driving. The Wounding with Intent case was nolle prosequi because the victim died and Carnal Knowledge case because the victim migrated.In the Attempted Murder case the accused died and in the other two matters none of the witnesses attended court to testify. This brought a total of 10 matters being completed and one matter to be retried in the High Court of Demerara.At the same time Criminal Assizes were also being heard in the Counties of Essequibo and Berbice. During this time Madame Justice Roxanne George sat as the judge in Berbice and Justice Bovell-Drakes sat in Essequibo.There were fifteen cases listed for hearing before Justice Bovell-Drakes during the Essequibo October 2011 Criminal Assizes. One case for the offence of Manslaughter was completed. The verdict was not guilty.During the same time the Berbice October 2011 Assizes was in progress and Madame Justice Roxanne George completed three trials from a list of thirty-four cases. One of the matters completed was for the offence of Murder. The accused pleaded guilty to the lesser count of Manslaughter and was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment.In the other two cases which was for the offences of Buggery and Indecent Assault, and Carnal Knowledge the jury returned not guilty verdicts.
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By Leonard Gildarie Amidst concerns over the shakiness of its fuel supply, Guyana has started moves that will allow it to import oil from outside the region.Yesterday, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, disclosed that thereThe new GEA Board with Ministers David Patterson and Annette Ferguson.are concerns within CARICOM regions about the ability of PetroTrin, Trinidad’s oil company that supplies Guyana, to keep up its commitments.Guyana has approached the business arm of CARICOM – the Ministerial Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED), asking for waiver on the Common External Tariff, a tax that the region charges on goods that are imported. The waiver will allow Guyana to source fuel from any country outside the region.The disclosures were made yesterday when Patterson met with the new Board of Directors for the Guyana Energy Authority,NFL Jerseys From China, the body that regulates the importation and sale of oil in Guyana.GEA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mahender Sharma,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, explained that issue of sourcing fuel outside CARICOM had to do with energy security – ensuring supplies locally are stable so as to prevent shortages.Guyana had turned to Trinidad last year after the PetroCaribe deal with Venezuela fell through, leaving Guyana without a steady, ready supply.According to Sharma,Cheap Jerseys, while the price from the Trinidad supplier was on the higher end, there is the very real fear of putting all Guyana’s eggs in one basket.Guyana’s fuel supply is now just for two weeks, not an ideal situation. Should the Trinidad company go down for any reason, it would leave Guyana in trouble.Guyana would be also looking for an alternative deal as world oil prices are at a decade low, trading at just US$30 per barrel, a third of what it was over a year ago. Guyana might very well get a better deal.Yesterday, Minister Patterson urged the new board to look into other issues like the current issue over fuel markers and moving Guyana towards renewable energy like hydro, wind,China Jerseys For Sale, solar,cheap nfl jerseys china, hybrids thermal and even waste energy.Meanwhile, it was announced that Dr. Vincent Adams, a seasoned high-ranking official of the US Department of Energy, has accepted invitations to sit on the GEA’s board.  Dr. Adams is from Linden. He will be flying back to Guyana at his own expense for board meetings,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Patterson said. His presence on the GEA board could open doors to Guyana’s thrust to build alternative power projects, the minister stressed.The new GEA board comprises private sector executive, Lance Hinds – Chairman; with the members being Nadia Sagar; Mark Bender; Dr. Mahender Sharma and Dr. Vincent Adams.

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