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… others reprimanded in Essequibo night tickets fraud A councillor was forced to resign and several others have been reprimanded following investigative findings into fraudulent activities during the most recently hosted Essequibo night.At that event a total of 13 bogus entry tickets were uncovered and a committee was formulated to probe that occurrence and recommend disciplinary actions.Yesterday,Cheap Jerseys, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud, who was part of the committee, revealed that not only were investigations completed but a report was presented to the Government.Government, according to him, accepted the report and would have also acted based on its findings.A number of officials, some employees of the regional administration among others, who were volunteers and were assigned tasks in relation to that activity, were in receipt of letters from Government.The letters, according to Persaud, highlighted areas in which there were breaches and several persons were reprimanded for their lapses among other shortcomings.Based on the investigative findings, it was recommended that one councillor of the Regional Democratic Council be asked to resign. That councillor, who represented the People’s Progressive Party Civic slate, has since resigned.The report,Cheap Jerseys From China, Persaud disclosed, also contained clear documentation with regards to the principals and operational procedures that should inform any such activity undertaken by the Government in future.According to the Minister, the fraudulent act had in fact benefited from generous publicity from the media and “I think it is only fair to give an update. First of all it was an unfortunate incident but it happened and we are hoping that we have all learned from that bit.”He said that the checks and balances that were in place would have caused the interception and discovery of the bogus tickets at an early stage.“If that didn’t happen it could have been 450 bogus tickets that could have been sold,Cheap MLB Jerseys,” he speculated even as he insisted that no regional officials were found guilty of any wrongdoings save and except for the fact that they did not ensure that certain systems or procedures were rigidly enforced.Turning his attention to the decision to merely reprimand some officials, the Minister admitted that “in a general way reprimand in itself, if there is compelling evidence to show guilt,Wholesale Jerseys USA, might not really be the right thing but in this instance the investigation would have identified culpability,Evan Engram Jersey, system failures and others so the actions taken were based on the evidence presence.”This publication had reported that a Region Two Democratic Councillor for the ruling party was caught with close to 500 counterfeit tickets printed for the 10th hosting of the Essequibo Night and Agriculture Fair which was held in early October of last year.The female councillor, this publication understands was arrested but was released on station bail hours after she was taken to the Aurora Police Station for questioning.Emerging reports had indicated that the tickets had no indication of a stamp or as being produced by the hosts.The counterfeit was detected after people who had purchased tickets from a booth managed by the ruling party were held up at the gate.
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Nicola Gomes,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the 34-year-old mother of seven who reportedly burnt her home to the ground has been released from police custody.The woman’s husband Orin Gomes told this publication that he learnt of this development late yesterday afternoon when he received a call from her saying that she was at a sister’s home.Mr. Gomes who is suffering from third degree burns on the right side of his face and his right arm, said he is hoping that his wife would not be prosecuted in court.Orin Gomes, the father of seven who suffered burns the same day his wife gutted the house.On Sunday last when the couple’s Meadowbrook home was gutted he was receiving medical treatment for burns he sustained after a gas stove exploded while he was carrying out repair works on it. This incident has now left the father of seven unable to work for another few weeks.“I do not want the police to charge my wife, she needs psychiatric help, and locking her up without getting her the help she needs would not make any sense.”Gomes said that prior to Sunday’s incident, he had been trying to get his wife to receive psychiatric help, but she would not cooperate with him. Speaking of the woman’s troubles,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Gomes told this publication that a month ago he was forced to remove their children from the home after his wife started acting strangely.According to Gomes, he went to the Child Care Protection Agency to see what assistance he would get. Gomes said he and his wife started visiting a social worker who was assigned to deal with them, and recently he had received a referral to the Georgetown Public Hospital.“Only Friday I get the document and they tell me once I go to the hospital I will get another referral to Dr. Harry,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, so I was just waiting for Monday to come… and look what happen the Sunday”.Gomes said his wife’s family would always intervene and say nothing was wrong with her.The man however maintained that his wife had never displayed any violent behaviour towards him or the children until recently.“Even after I remove the children I still stayed in the house with her, but she started talking about killing me and I was fearful so I left and the Sunday when she came to see the children she bit one of our sons three times on his hand.”Gomes said on Friday last during a meeting with a social worker his wife got really agitated which prompted a referral to the Georgetown Hospital.Meanwhile, A Partnership For National Unity has expressed its concern over this incident and the one in which Marryann Nauth was brutally murdered over the weekend.“APNU calls on the relatives and friends of the mother of seven, Nicola Gomes,Alejandro Gomez Jersey, who burnt her house to the ground allegedly because of depression,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, to ensure that she is assisted to get needed medical, psychiatric and other support. Further,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the Ministry of Human Services must ensure that there is adequate institutional support for women facing crisis situations. The Ministry cannot remain silent and apparently passive or indifferent to these crises increasingly facing many women in Guyana as the economic and social conditions continue to deteriorate.”

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