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SANTA CLARA,Cheap Jerseys From China, Calif. (AP) — In a story July 17,China Jerseys Wholesale, The Associated Press,China Jerseys Free Shipping, relying on information provided by the San Francisco 49ers,Cheap Jerseys China, reported that Levi's Stadium is the first LEED Gold certified stadium in the NFL for its environmentally friendly design. The U.S. Green Building Council says Levi's Stadium is seeking to become the first stadium in the NFL to be LEED Gold certified as a new building. M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore earned LEED Gold certification in 2013 with improvements to the existing building.

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– suspects were about to rob Chinese restaurantA photograph stored in a cellular phone led police to recover a .22 revolver which was to be used by two youths to carry out a robbery in the Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.The two youths, aged 19 and 16, confessed to police that they were going to rob a Chinese restaurant when they were intercepted.Police recovered the .22 revolver with six live rounds from the northern parapet of the Diamond Housing Scheme access road at the head of Seventh Avenue. The time was around 23:00 hours on Tuesday.This newspaper understands that two police constables and a CPG member were on patrol in the area when they saw the two youths, one of whom is a student of a private training school,Stitched Jerseys, walking along Diamond Access Road,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, and acting in a suspicious manner. As a result,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the patrol stopped, carried out a search on their persons and a black kitchen knife was found in a haversack one of them had on his back, while a pair of scissors was found in the possession of the other.Naturally the police became suspicious and arrested the youths and took them to the Diamond/Grove Police Station.There one of the policemen checked the cellular phone of one of the suspects and saw a picture of both of them posing with a .22 revolver.As a result of intense questioning the cops returned to the area where the two youths were first arrested and carried out a search. There they found the weapon.During further interrogation the young suspects claimed that they were going to rob a Chinese restaurant at Second Bridge, Diamond Housing Scheme and on seeing the police they threw away the firearm.Earlier the same night,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, police recovered another illegal firearm at the home of a gold and diamond trader, at Lam’s Drive D’Urban Backlands. Reports are that around about 19:55 hrs,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, acting upon information, one Sergeant Parks and a party of policemen,NBA Jerseys From China, went to Lot 148 Lam’s Drive, D’Urban Backlands, where they contacted one Anthony Crawford, aka Dorian Anthony Rodrigues.A search was carried out in his apartment and a black and silver 9MM pistol with two magazines were found in the flooring of the bedroom.Police seized the weapon and ammunition along with a motor car which was on the premises. They also took Crawford into custody.Investigations are in progress.

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Lindeners will be pressing their demands for access to more electronic media, as they appeal for an end to the monopoly held by the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN).The Lindeners who are expected to join up with their counterparts in protests, say the time has come for an end to their bombardment with only biased programmes produced by the state-owned media entity.Gerald Whittington, who was among a group from the bauxite mining town,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, who were intercepted on their way to the city yesterday by police at Providence, East Bank Demerara, said that Lindeners must be given choices when it comes to information through the media.“If seventy-five percent of the people voted for APNU in Linden, that means we must have choices to see any other TV station, it is not fair to the people of Linden,” Whittington said.He added that for 19 years,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, the ruling party has denied them their right to choices,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, although the court had ruled that the NCN monopoly should end.The previous government appeared to be reluctant to fast track legislation that would lead to the opening up of the national airwaves to accommodate more radio and television stations in Linden.According to the Lindeners,Cheap Jerseys Online, even issues that are affecting them are shut out from publicity, especially when it is not in favour of the government.They claimed that even if the news is reported, it is slanted in such a way that would omit truthful information that exposed the inefficiency of the administration.They complained that all through the recent elections campaign, they were bombarded with advertisements of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic through the state-owned NCN.“Imagine all we hearing was ‘in my cup, in my cup’, nothing about Granger or APNU,” Whittington said, adding that it is remarkable that a Partnership for National Unity did so well in Region Ten.“We did our groundwork. We had to,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, because APNU did not have ready media access to its supporters in Linden,” another resident stated.“You guys here would see any channel you need to see in Georgetown, we don’t have that luxury in Linden…we must have choices,Cheap Jerseys From China, we must have a say in our lives,” Whittington stressed.

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The bitter feud between the Anna Regina Town Council and vendors attached to the Anna Regina municipal market has intensified.The animosity between the parties has resurfaced one year after vendors won the petition they filed against the council last year. That decision now allows vendors the right to continue vending in the Anna Regina municipal market.One vocal vendor,Cheap Jerseys, Mark Mc Lean,NFL Jerseys China, told this newspaper shortly after vendors learnt about their victory that they were issued with a notice of appeal on September 29. In disgust, he pointed out how negligent the Town Council has been in providing the essential services in the market.Mc Lean said that water and sanitation are up to standard.      Mr. Mc Lean also said that the council, over the years,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, failed to acknowledge the present committee, hence the two share no relationship.According to Mc Lean,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, the Anna Regina market is over 40 years old and it is situated in the centre of the Essequibo Coast, an area most suitable to conduct business efficiently and conveniently.On September 12,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, 2007, the Town Council issued a notice to all vendors of the municipality, ordering their immediate evacuation and relocation to a new site in Cotton Field.Mc Lean said that,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, upon receiving that notice, vendors immediately filed a petition against the Council in the High Court.

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Police say three of the 10-member gang that severely beat Germaine Phoenix, the 17-year-old Pomona Secondary School student,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, Monday evening, are being questioned while in custody.The Police have revealed that the three in custody are saying that one of the 10 school leavers and Germaine Phoenix, previously had some problems.On the day of the beating,wholesale jerseys china, the gang of 10 and the victim had a heated exchange of words.Phoenix,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, who was venturing to his Good Hope residence,Wholesale China Jerseys, was confronted by one of the 10 gang members.“This individual walked up to Phoenix and asked him,Stitched Jerseys, you remembered what you said?”The report added that Phoenix duly responded and the gang member started to beat him.The other members of the gang joined the fight, in support of their friend and proceeded to beat Phoenix with steel rods and pieces of wood.Phoenix was rescued and taken to the Suddie Public Hospital,cheap jerseys, by an eyewitness who saw what was happening and proceeded to chase away the gang with a cutlass.The victim is now said to be in a stable condition.Irate residents and family members are calling on the relevant authorities to deal with the high level of criminal activity perpetuated by some of the students at the School.