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…this despite Simels’s admission that he was in possession of itIn light of charges that the computer telephonic surveillance equipment that was discovered with Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan in 2002 had made its way to the United States of America,Cheap NFL Jerseys, more particularly the office of embattled US Attorney Robert Simels, Head of State Bharrat Jagdeo says that the equipment is in Guyana.President Jagdeo was speaking at his first press briefing following his trip to Washington DC where he emphasised that this was confirmed by Commissioner of Police Henry Greene prior to the press briefing.This is contrary to what Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency, Cassandra Jackson in her petition to the court to seize computers located in the office of Robert Simels, former lead attorney for Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, told the United States Eastern District Court, Brooklyn. Agent Jackson had indicated that the US Customs and Border Patrol has recorded evidence of the shipment of equipment, believed to be the computer used by Khan to illegally intercept wire communications in Guyana.In her affidavit to justify a request for seizing electronic equipment from Simels’s Office in 2008, she said that by Simels’s own statement, he was in possession and control of Khan’s computer.“I believe that the illegal eavesdropping equipment will be located at the premises (Simels’ Office)….Additionally,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, there will likely be the data recovered from that equipment, in the form of compact discs, for example,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, stored at the premises, as well as shipping, importation and/or billing records related to the importation and receipt of the equipment stored at the premises.”This move followed the interdiction of Simels for plotting to eliminate a witness pertaining to Khan’s trial.The equipment was subsequently seized and turned over to the DEA’s main computer laboratory for analysis.In August last year, head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon had told media operatives that the US State Department has no record of a request by Guyana to import any of the surveillance equipment that was held with Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan.A previous statement attributed Simels had stated that Khan had purchased computer telephonic surveillance equipment from a Spy Shop in Fort Lauderdale,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, Florida, with permission from the Guyana Government.Dr Luncheon also said at that time that a request for the export of the equipment through the relevant law enforcement agency would have to be proffered for its procurement and there was no evidence that this was ever done.When asked if the serial numbers on the equipment could not be traced,jerseys from china, Dr Luncheon said that that was not a part of the official request.The Ministry of Home Affairs had previously denied claims that the Government authorised Khan’s importation of a sensitive piece of electronic equipment and its seizure by the Joint Services.In December 2002,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, Khan, Haroon Yahyah and Sean Belfield were arrested while they where traversing the East Coast of Demerara in a bulletproof vehicle.At the time of their detention, an arms cache, a laptop computer, and an electronic device to track cellular phone calls were found.The laptop computer also boasted a map of Guyana and the various cell sites operated at the time by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.When they were arrested, one of the men had told police that they were hunting the infamous 2002 Mash Day escapees.

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– GDF personnel to benefit from subject matter expert exchange For the first time ever a United States Navy vessel has docked in Guyana. The high speed vessel Swift (HSV 2) arrived at the Guyana National Shipping Corporation wharf sometime around 09:30 hours yesterday.Mission Commander, of The High Speed Vessel Swift (HSV 2), Captain Kurt Hedberg. The HSV2 will be in Guyana for the next two weeks and will be engaged in subject matter exchange with the Guyana Defence Force, with a focus on the Coast Guard arm. Mission Commander, Captain Kurt Hedberg in his address to the media, said it is his hope that the trip will be both beneficial to Guyana and the United States.“What we are here to do is develop relationship, and we have designed our visit in such a way that we could learn from our host country and in turn share our knowledge.”He explained that for the first week of their visit, his crew members will benefit from a training which will be spearheaded by the local Coast Guards and the second week’s training session will be headed by them. Some of the areas of training to be covered include,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, senior leadership, junior leadership, instructor training, medical combat life saver, maintenance management of small boats,China NFL Jerseys, small boat repairs, fiberglass hull repair and armed sentry. Other areas will include land navigation, urban security tactics as well as patrolling techniques.“We have shared interests in security and common concerns,” he explained.  “We will share best practices and ideas on how to deal with those common concerns during our two-week stay here.”The leaders of both services met, along with the Military Liaison Office Commander,Cheap Jerseys, Col. Tod Furtado and Lt. Marlon Chichester, the subject matter exchange officer for Guyana’s Coast Guard.  Chichester is a graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, class of 2005.In addition, the crew aboard is expected to engage in several community and military exchange programmes.The force composition is made up of 15 Navy Instructors, 20 Navy Construction Battalion (SEABEES), 8 Marines and 20 Merchant Marines.During the vessel’s stay here from August 29 to September 10, the 20 Navy Construction Battalion will be constructing interior rooms for dental and nursing at the La Penitence Medical Center. A wooden building will also be constructed to offset overcrowding at the Plaisance High School. The ‘Seabees’ have been engaging in general maintenance and construction at the Amerindian Hostel.Some crewmembers of the vessel preparing an area on the vessel for the welcome reception slated for later today. In addition to their humanitarian programmes,Wholesale Jerseys, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and the Civil Defence Commission are to receive 84,000 high nutrition meals, while three pallets of medical,Cheap NHL Jerseys, hygiene and recreation items are to be donated to Ministry of Education.The ship came from Barbados and will continue on to the Dominican Republic after leaving Guyana. The naval ship will also visit: Barbados, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua,Wholesale Jerseys 2020, Panama, and Suriname.

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Odinga LumumbaMarcelle Joseph“I am willing to take a lie detector test by any agency. Is she prepared to do that?” – Odinga LumumbaSacked Office of the President (OP) employee Marcelle Joseph has contended that Presidential Advisor on Empowerment Odinga Lumumba was the person who had threatened her immediately after she was dismissed on an allegation that she leaked information on the government’s purchase of laptop computers.“He (Lumumba) made mention that he knew what happened to people that betray the government. I been with these people everyday but you never think that it could actually happen to you…I know what they are capable of doing…but I never expected this,” Joseph said during a recent interview from her place of hiding in the United States of America.But in a strong response, Lumumba told this newspaper that Joseph is just trying to “justify her foolishness.”He said that at no time did he threaten Joseph, since she had done nothing to him.“She needs to say when I threatened her. And why did she not go to the police?” Lumumba told Kaieteur News yesterday in an invited comment.Following Joseph’s departure from Guyana,Alex Formenton Jersey, the administration had accused her of stealing four flash drives and downloading government information from a computer at the Office of the President, an allegation she has vehemently denied.Police subsequently swooped down on her mother’s West Coast Demerara home, claiming that they were searching for “stolen, sensitive government information”.According to Joseph, she is still fearful for her life as well as those of her relatives here in Guyana.She disclosed that she has been receiving messages, informing her that the administration is still looking for her and is desperately trying to ascertain her location in the United States.She said that she is aware that there are persons who operatives at the Office of the President can call upon to harm or even eliminate persons opposed to the government.“He (Lumumba) made reference to George Bacchus and these people,” Joseph said.Bacchus was executed in his home at Princes Street, Lodge,Air Max 97 For Sale Australia, after he exposed certain operations of a killing squad which allegedly had links to former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj.A few weeks prior to Bacchus’s death, his brother Shafeek was gunned down,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/AS-Roma-FC/, allegedly by members of the killing squad after he was mistakenly taken for him.According to Joseph,Jordan Sneakers For Sale, when she received the threat it never occurred to her to report the matter to the police.“It doesn’t make sense reporting to the police,Cheap Devils Jerseys, because what is going to happen is that the government controls the police. I just wanted to get the hell out of Guyana… and the fastest way possible.”Joseph said that she was shocked when she was contacted by Lumumba,Nike Free Run Shoes On Sale, since she had never worked under him nor did she have any direct contact with him.“For him to make reference to George Bacchus and these other people, one had to pay keen attention to that,” she stressed.Lumumba said that Joseph had called him to complain about her transfer to another department.He said that he asked her a couple of questions, including why she went into the office of the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, without permission.“I said to her ‘if you did not leak the documents then God did’,” Lumumba explained.He said that he is willing to take a lie detector test to prove that he never threatened anyone.“I am willing to take a lie detector test by any agency. Is she prepared to do that?” Lumumba stated emphatically.