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United Kingdom-based Guyanese writer, Wilson Harris,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth, the honour coinciding with Her Majesty’s birthday celebrations this year.A writer of fiction and non-fiction essays,China Jerseys Cheap, Theodore Wilson Harris featured on Queen Elizabeth’s 2010 birthday honours list for his contribution to literature and he joins several other Guyanese who have been similarly honoured.Harris was last April hailed as a “quiet revolutionary” in a “quiet revolution” when he was featured at the 28th Conference of West Indian Literature held in Guyana.At the forum, at which another writer, Guyanese Edgar Mittelholzer was honoured, Professor Mark McWatt of the University of the West Indies stated, “Part of the quietly revolutionary art of Wilson Harris’s writings is his ability to read in the landscape and to reproduce in his fiction, the human emotions of fear and dread.”Professor McWatt noted that Harris has said that much of literature that deals with landscape is a one-sided discourse and posited that this is not the case in the eminent writer’s work.One of Guyana’s best known writers, the 89-year-old Harris was born in New Amsterdam, British Guiana and attended Queen’s College after which he studied land surveying and began to work as a government surveyor in 1942, rising to senior surveyor in 1955.In this period Harris became intimately acquainted with the Guyanese interior and with the Amerindian presence, his profile on the Peepal Tree Press website said.Between 1945 and 1961, Harris was a regular contributor of stories, poems and essays to Kyk-over-Al and was part of a group of Guyanese intellectuals that included Martin Carter, Sidney Singh,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Ivan Van Sertima and Milton Williams. His first publication was a book of poems, Fetish,Jerseys NFL Cheap, (1951) under the pseudonym Kona Waruk, followed by the more substantial Eternity to Season (1954) which announced Harris’s commitment to a cross-cultural vision in the arts, linking the Homeric to the Guyanese.Harris’s first published novel was Palace of the Peacock (1969),NFL Jerseys Outlet, followed by a further 23 novels with The Ghost of Memory (2006) as the most recent. He relocated to the United Kingdom in 1959.

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Peter Ramsaroop, Chairman of Vision Guyana, under the banner of ‘The People’s Partnership’ yesterday officially announced that he has entered the race for the President of the Republic of Guyana at elections scheduled for sometime next year.The announcement is not a surprise given that Ramsaroop had established an exploratory committee in 2007.Ramsaroop’s political experience includes a role as a key Reform Member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) and a brief period as Chief Executive Officer of the Alliance For Change.Peter RamsaroopRammsaroop had left Guyana after graduating from North Georgetown Secondary School and received his education which includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Management/Finance and a MBA in Technology and Economics from the University of Missouri.Ramsaroop also served as Patron for the renowned Rose Hall Youth and Sports Club and the President of the Guyana Table Tennis Association.He was also the main company sponsor for the Western Tigers which was known then as the Roopgroup/CariAir Western Tigers.Ramsaroop says he is confident that his vision for a better today for all Guyanese is achievable, “where none of us ever feel the wrath of a government as many do today.”A determined Ramsaroop said in his campaign launch, the theme of the drive is “Together we will….Our message will be simple but yet focused on the needs of our people.”He said that, “Together we will strive to bring equality to all, wherein all people can benefit from the state resources…Together we will ensure that the heavy tax burden we now have will be reduced specifically the Value Added Tax (VAT) to 10 per cent with an increased tax threshold for working families.”He said that the ‘Peoples Partnership’ will open the country’s economy and connect with Guyana largest neighbour Brazil by rail or road.“Our national energy policy will increase our sugarcane growth to produce alternative fuel such as ethanol.”He promised that under a Ramsaroop presidency, teachers will be paid competitively and there will be allowance for some concessions. They will also be provided with adequate teaching facilities as they are “the individuals shaping the future of Guyana’s children.”He said that the process will be about the radical transformation of the economy.According to Ramsaroop, “Together we will be strong and become a leading nation,NFL Jerseys China, not overnight,Wholesale China Jerseys, but with our own Guyanese dream that we can all believe in…Let’s cherish and respect our flag and revive our patriotism, teach our children that we are a proud nation of many people of different races and culture but with one destiny.”He drew reference to his two books on Guyana,China Adidas Hockey Jerseys, “and Our Progressive Blueprint for Change Agenda will detail the partnership programs.”He is adamant that no more must Guyanese keep hearing the word “potential” used for describing the country.Ramsaroop says that the word has a negative connotation,Wholesale Jerseys China, “now we must turn it into opportunities, utilising our rich resources such as oil, gold, diamond and vast agriculture production… Let us stop selling out our nation for cheap dollars that go into the hands of wicked officials.”He said also that once in office there would be an immediate review of the Low Carbon Development Strategy.“We don’t need just free money, I would expect Norway, one of the richest countries with no unemployment, for example,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, to bring in expertise on ship-building and other major industries that can create jobs for our people if we are not to cut down our trees, or the money be programmed for specific infrastructure changes such as multiple small hydro plants around the country such as Tiger Hill and Bartica.”Ramsaroop opines that his successful business career and management of large companies and people will give him a solid foundation to lead the nation to a higher level.He believes that politicians should be there to serve not just to refer to the massive corruption and excessive spending as reported by the Auditor General.Ramsaroop is adamant that a rewrite of the constitution must be embarked in the first 100 days of any new government to take away the executive powers of the President.President Jagdeo cannot contest the election, and according to Ramsaroop, “no one in the PPP that they plan to put up can step up to the job.”“He or the party has groomed no one that has the international experience necessary to run a country…I believe Guyana must be run like a business,Nike NFL Jerseys China, we have to make sure we have employment for all.”

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A Brazilian national was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment and fined $800,NFL Jerseys Supply,000 after pleading guilty to trafficking in narcotics yesterday,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, before Magistrate Hazel Octive Hamilton,Wholesale Jerseys, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.Winsburg Da Silvia pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that he had in his possession 942 grams of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking on March 22 at Tabatinga in the North West District.Police Prosecutor Joel Ricknauth,China NFL Jerseys, told the court that on the day in question Da Silvia was stopped and searched by the police.The prosecutor said that during the search the police found a box,Wholesale Jerseys, closer inspection of the box unearthed the drugs.He was cautioned of the offence and taken into custody.The defendant said that he was given the box by another Brazilian national who threatened to kill him. He also said that the drugs were to be taken from Lethem to Brazil.

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The Regional Science,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Technology,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fair attracted schools from all across Region Ten. Yesterday they all assembled at the New Silver City Secondary School.Under the theme “Enhancing traditional technology to sustain modern societies through stem”, students with the help of their teachers, demonstrated their creativity using disposable items such as plastic bottles, coconut shells,Cheap Jerseys From China, plastic spoons and myriad other materials to make such items as a greenhouse, waterwheel, and chandelier among other items.Scores of children and their teachers trekked to the venue to view the items on display.The uses of the items as well as the processes involved in creating and designing them were illustrated by the children who ‘manned’ the different exhibition boots.While many saw the fair as a good venture,Cheap Jerseys From China, which helped the children to demonstrate their creativity, and the importance of recycling among other things, a few persons expressed disappointment with the quality of exhibits- especially those presented by the secondary schools.  “I think the Nursery and Primary Schools did far better with their exhibits. There was more in terms of what they had to showcase. Most of the Secondary Schools exhibits were disappointing. I think more thought and effort could have gone into most of them,” one woman opined. Those sentiments were echoed by quite a few persons.Some of the more outstanding exhibits were the greenhouse by the students of Mackenzie Primary School,NFL Jerseys From China, the waterwheel by Regma Primary,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Watooka Day School’s H2 Ovation, Kwakwani Park Nursery with their deforestation and erosion exhibit, and the plastic bottle chandelier by Blue Berry Hill nursery.Yesterday’s Regional Science Fair came under the auspices of the Region Ten Education Department.