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The Commission of Inquiry (COI) appointed by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security to investigate allegations of maltreatment at the Camal International Home for Abused Women and Children,holesale Soccer Jerseys, Albion, Corentyne, has announced that it has completed all necessary inquiries.Administrator of Camal Home, Carmen Kissoon with the relatives who turned up to testify on Thursday last.The Commission said that it is currently compiling findings and it maintained that the report of the investigation will be released no earlier than January 10, 2014.The inquiries come after three girls, aged 12,Marshon Lattimore Jersey, 14 and 15, were arrested on November 20, 2013 and held for several days at the Albion Police Station, after allegedly ‘wandering’ away from the home. The matter was called before Magistrate Ravindra Singh who ordered that the girls be deployed to the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) in Essequibo.Currently, however, the girls, two of whom are sisters, are being temporarily housed at the Canaan Home at Port Mourant, Corentyne.On Thursday last, the two-day inquiry commenced with testimonies from individuals directly related to the case. The venue for the commission was the Albion Sports Complex. The exercise was premised by the Ministry under the basis of gathering information from the public into the allegations of maltreatment of children at the popular orphanage.According to Commissioner Saudia Ferouz, testimonies were received from about eight persons including the three girls; Head of the Home,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Carmen Kissoon; probation officers, representatives of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) and two relatives of the sisters.The Commission, on the second day, took to the fields where interviews were conducted with persons from the Albion community, officers at the Albion Police Station, staff at the Camal Home and the Attorney-at-Law, Adrian Anamayah, who had filed on behalf of the teenagers.Following the arrest of the girls, claims of ill-treatment on the part of the Administration surfaced with members of society questioning the competence of the home in properly caring for the children housed there.Concerning the 12-year-old, who had attended the Corentyne Comprehensive High School,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, one teacher said,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, “I spoke to the girl personally and the girl said sometimes she goes to school without lunch and the teachers would have to buy lunch for her.“We never knew the extent of her sadness. When she was absent, the teachers were trying to get in contact with the home but they were given the royal runaround, that there were two such homes in the county.”There were also claims that the Administrator would sell items that are donated to the Home.

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Going to the Atlantic Ocean to place items used in Hindu religious ceremonies is nothing unusual; but on Monday afternoon unimaginable tragedy struck for a family of Vergenoegen,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, East Bank Essequibo.Fifty three-year-old Radhika Persaud had earlier in the day taken part in a ceremony in honour of her mother who died a year ago. In the afternoon,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the items used in the service were to be washed out to sea and Persaud decided to take the items. She took along her 14-year-old son Rovin, and her niece’s two children nine-year-old Annatina Persaud and 12-year-old Billy Narine.Radhika PersaudThey were all found dead at around 21:00h, some five hours after they went to take the offerings to sea.After the ceremony during the day, it was about 16:00h when Radhika opted to take the offerings to sea,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, her niece, Subrina, the mother of Annatina and Billy, said.She placed the items in a blue bucket and headed off to the oceanfront, just about five minutes walk from the Lot 13 Vergenoegen,Cheap NFL Jerseys, East Bank Essequibo house in which she lived with her son.After Radhika failed to return at a reasonable time,Nike NFL Jerseys China, her sister Mala, decided to go and see what was taking them so long. She saw no one, but noticed the children’s clothes and footwear on the sea dam. She figured they had a swim and had proceeded to the neighbourhood where Radhika was expected to distribute some of the offerings from the ritual earlier.However,Jerseys NFL Cheap, after another prolonged period passed and she saw no sign of them, she went for another look, but saw no sign of her sister and her son, along with her two grandchildren.Mala said she returned home and the family began calling around neighbours. No one had seen the woman and the three children.Rovin PersaudAs the water started to recede, Mala spotted the blue bucket a good distance at sea and started to fear the worse. The Police were called in, and as time passed and the water continued to recede, all four bodies were found lying on the foreshore.The family is left to wonder exactly how they died. The trip to the Ocean was nothing complicated.The relatives of the deceased are left only to believe they all drowned under circumstances they may never come to know.Annatina and Billy Persaud

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Guyana has made significant strides in moving towards mercury free gold mining with the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) recently revealing its latest technological advancement to facilitate this process.Last Thursday the IAST invited technical members of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC),China Jerseys, including acting Commissioner Newell Dennison and recently appointed Chairman of the Board, Stanley Ming; members of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association (GGDMA) including Mr. Patrick Harding, and other stakeholders to their headquarters to showcase their latest technological advancement in the mining sector.Also attending were Major General (rtd) Joseph Singh, Special Advisor to President Granger; Chair of the Board of the Private Sector Commission, Major General (rtd) Norman McLean and Dr. Rajneesh Mehra, Director of Pinnacle Green Resources (Guyana) Limited.Harding had contacted the IAST and suggested to Dr. Narine that the cyanidation/activated carbon route,Cheap Jerseys Free, which is used elsewhere, should be investigated and adapted to Guyana.Professor Narine,China NFL Jerseys, Director of the IAST, explained that over the past two and a half years, the institute has been researching the use of cyanidation and activated carbon (derived from shells of coconuts) for the mercury-free extraction of Gold in Guyana.Dr. Narine explained that the motivation for the project stemmed from the fact that Guyana had in October 2013 become a signatory to the Minamata Convention, which is focused on the eradication of mercury use in applications which allows it to escape in the environment.IAST Director, Dr. Suresh Narine during his address to some key stakeholdersStakeholders get an opportunity to view the Mercury –Free Gold Mining TechnologyNarine, who is also a Professor at Trent University and Director of the Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research,NFL Jerseys Outlet, was able to fund a Guyanese student, Mr. Vishol Kishun (who has significant experience in the Gold sector, having worked at the GGMC), using funding he received as a winner of the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence in Science and Technology, to pursue a Masters Degree at Trent University on the subject.The IAST partnered with local miner, entrepreneur and owner of Guyana’s newest eco-resort, Mr. Chunilall Baboolall on the project.  Mr. Baboolall shipped ore from Guyana at his own cost to Trent University, where Mr. Kishun was able to use the state of the art equipment in the Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research to study the comparative merits of using mercury and cyanidation/activated carbon, on ore directly from Guyana.Mr. Kishun’s findings were encouraging – the efficiency of gold extraction using the cyanidation/activated carbon approach consistently ranged between 92 to 94 percent, whilst extraction of the same ore under the same controlled conditions using mercury only yielded efficiencies in the range of 30 – 40 percent. Mr. Kishun is now preparing this work for publication in an international journal. However, the laboratory scale investigation, Professor Narine indicated, was more important in a practical sense for it provided the justification for the IAST to invest in At-scale mining equipment, which employs the cyanidation/activated carbon process.The equipment was bought and modified at the IAST, and Mr. Baboolall once again partnered with the institute to ship ore from his mining operations in the interior to the institute for testing of the At-scale equipment.The IAST Director and his team were clearly in a heightened state of excitement to report that they have been able to confirm that the At-scale processing equipment delivered similar efficiencies of extraction as the laboratory scale process – between 90 and 94 percent.The equipment was showcased to the invited stakeholders – the process was deliberately made as simple as possible to allow maximum maneuverability in the field and robust to be able to handle the vigour of the rough terrain in Guyana’s mining sector.Reactions from the stakeholder community were enthusiastic and extremely positive. Stanley Ming, Chairman of the GGMC and Newell Dennison, acting Commissioner both expressed their gratitude to the IAST for taking this initiative and applauded the project as being both thorough and practical.The GGMC officials immediately committed to working with the IAST to deploy the equipment. Mr. Patrick Harding of the GGDMA indicated that he felt certain that the technology was impressive enough and robust enough to be immediately adopted by as many as 10 of his organization’s largest miners.The GGMC and IAST will be working together to mount the equipment on a mobile platform, and this will be deployed shortly to Mr. Baboolall’s concession for further demonstration.  In the meanwhile, construction of a second set of equipment will begin immediately to facilitate access by other miners.The IAST is also developing a training video and manual for the safe utilization of the chemicals involved and the equipment itself, and an app for Ipads and Mobile Phones for miners to use in the field to determine the amounts and concentrations of chemicals to be used. The GGMC will also be endorsing the technology and helping to disseminate it to the mining community.Mr. Kishun pointed out that the technology benefits three sectors in the Guyanese economy – the more efficient extraction of Gold will benefit the miners, the removal of mercury from the environment will benefit the environment and biodiversity of the country,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, and the utilization of coconut shells currently wasted in the country to produce activated carbon will benefit the coconut and wider agricultural industry.To this end, Pinnacle’s Director, Dr. Rajneesh Mehra indicated at the meeting that they will be moving to immediately supply the local market with high quality activated carbon produced in India, and will be shipping a plant from India (with parts from Germany) to Guyana, so as to produce the material from Guyana’s locally sourced coconut shells.The IAST has been a proponent of this project for some time, and developed all of the local feasibility studies, which is being used by Pinnacle in their commercial project.The technology will employ sodium cyanide, which is a harmful chemical.  However, as explained by Mr. Kishun, this chemical does not persist in the environment and is effectively dissipated in sunlight.Therefore,wholesale soccer jerseys, one aspect of managing this new process will be the training of miners in the safe disposal of cyanide, in lined ponds specifically constructed for this purpose. Mr. Kishun indicated that the technology has so advanced that there are now very accurate hand held devices which will measure the concentrations of cyanide down to parts per billion, which are much lower than the safe levels recommended by the WHO.Professor Narine was careful to point out that the extraction of gold is not a benign process – “this process does leave a footprint, but by using the best technologies available, we can minimize that footprint and furthermore, leave the environment in a state where it can be rejuvenated by our own efforts and the corrective energies of nature itself.”

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A resident from West Ruimveldt made an appearance before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan after he wasJoshua Josephcharged with felonious wounding.The charge was read to Joshua Joseph, yesterday,Alex Pietrangelo Jersey, in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.  Joseph, 20, of 68 Laing Avenue,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, West Ruimveldt, is accused of unlawfully and maliciously wounding Dexter Beckles with intent to maim,Jerseys NFL Cheap, disable or cause him grievous bodily harm. The incident allegedly occurred on December 3, at High Street.Joseph pleaded guilty to the charge but was released on $20,Minnesota Timberwolves Jerseys,000 bail. He will make another court appearance on January 15.Police Prosecutor,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Corporal Deniro Jones told the court that on same day in question,Alexander Wennberg Jersey, Beckles saw the defendant and another co-worker fighting.  He said that when Beckles saw the altercation he attempted to stop the fight, but was dealt several chops to the hand by the defendant.According to the Prosecutor, Beckles was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and was discharged four days ago.Joseph, who was not represented by a lawyer, explained that he was not involved in a fight with the complainant.  He said that they had an argument and Beckles armed himself with a cutlass to attack him.He stated that he disarmed Beckles and dealt him several lashes to the right hand, which caused him injuries and landed his hand in a cast.The defendant said that he ran down to the Brickdam Police Station after he was attacked by a mob. He added that some female officers hid him in a corner and told him not to come out because he would get killed.On hearing this, the Magistrate entered a not guilty plea and released the defendant on bail.

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Prominent New York attorney at law,Andre Gomes Jersey, Roberts Simels,Cheap Barcelona Jersey, and his assistant Arianne Irving,Juventus Jerseys, will have to wait until next week to know their fate. Yesterday,Arjen Robben Jersey, Judge John Gleeson adjourned the proceedings to next Monday with the 12-man jury still to reach a verdict.Reports out of New York stated that the jury, during their deliberations yesterday, requested several pieces of evidence,Bayern Munich Jerseys, including all the testimonies given by the embattled attorney. Kaieteur News understands that the Clerk of Court indicated that the request would have taken some time and this prompted the judge to give the time out.Simels, the former attorney for self-confessed Guyanese drug dealer Shaheed Roger Khan, and his assistant Arianne Irving are on trial for witness tampering, to wit,Custom Bayern Munich Jerseys, trying to neutralize witnesses and being illegally in possession of eavesdropping equipment.Khan has already pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing for the witness tampering offence and several counts of drug trafficking. Most of the evidence has centered on taped conversations Simels had with wired US Government informant Guyanese Selwyn Vaughn.During the testimonies, the court heard of a plot to harm several witnesses that were slated to testify at Khan’s drug trial. They also heard of Khan’s links to the Guyana Government through Health Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, who it was alleged had facilitated the securing of the eavesdropping equipment which was used to record telephone conversations. The jury also heard about Khan’s ‘phantom squad’ which was allegedly responsible for the killing of several persons in Guyana, including boxing coach Donald Allison and talk show host Ronald Waddell.The jury in the Simels case is expected to continue deliberations on Monday after a day off today.