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The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has warned that shoppers should not be duped by all the advertising strategies employed by business to sell their products.The GNBS said that for the Christmas season,Brett Favre Falcons Jersey, shoppers will be bombarded with information and or misinformation as the business community intensifies its advertising efforts,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, and as such they should seriously consider after sale service.The Standards Bureau noted that this should be an important factor for consumers shopping electrical appliances.GNBS Public Relations Officer,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, Lloyd David explained that the Bureau monitors 20 categories of commodities which include electrical appliances.As such, Inspectors of the Bureau examine these appliances at the ports of entry and warehouses to ensure that they comply with established labeling requirements and the requisite quality marks are affixed to them.He said certification or quality marks assure buyers that the appliances were tested by an independent third party certification body in the country of export and they are fit for the purpose intended.Adding that consumers should take into consideration some guidelines when buying electrical appliances, David stressed that they should analyze their needs: who will be using the appliance, how often it will be used, where it will be placed in the home etc. and choose accordingly.For pricing, he said consumers should expect to pay more for brand name appliances, added features and performance and possible workmanship if not adequately covered by a warranty. Some additional gadgets may give the appliance a better look but may be unnecessary for the customers’ needs.Additionally he said, for electrical requirements, consumers should ensure that the appliance has the correct voltage (110 or 220 volts).“If you purchase any high voltage appliance, you must have a higher voltage electrical line installed. You may require the services of an electrician…. Ensure the appliance has the right cycle (50 Hz,Cheap China Jerseys, 60 Hz or 50/60 HZ), which may vary depending on the area you live…Remember to check to ensure that the watts can be accommodated in your home. (Note that higher watts may result in better performance but will require more energy),” he explained.Additional tips for consumers include: In the case of appliances, customers must consider the size of the item and its capacity. They must ensure that the item can fit into the space available at your home. (2) Take into account your family’s immediate and future needs. (3)Take into consideration the frequent changes in technology which may render an appliance obsolete or out dated. (4) Buy from stores that offer warranties, good pre-purchasing advice and adequate after sale services. Make sure you know who is responsible for services and repairs –the dealer or manufacturer. (5) Look beyond sales and bargain prices and think quality. A quality appliance may cost just a bit more but will last a lot longer. (6) If you are buying your appliances on hire purchase, make sure you understand the details of your hire purchase agreement. Read the fine print. (7)When you’re buying a new appliance, it makes good sense to choose the model that uses the least energy while meeting your needs. It helps the environment and it can save you money too. (8) Ensure that the appliance purchased is working at the store before taking it home. (9) Handle appliances with care; do not misuse them. In addition,Cheap NHL Jerseys Adidas, consumers should not try to install or do any work that should be done by a qualified electrician.

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Government will be using satellite images to monitor changes of Guyana’s forest over the past decade and has put out bids for a consultancy post to manage the project.The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC),NFL Jerseys Outlet, in an invitation for proposals in the Sunday’s edition of Kaieteur News,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, says that government has embarked on a national programme that aims to continue to maintain and enhance the protection and sustainable management of Guyana’s forests.This,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to the advertisement,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, is an effort to reduce global carbon emissions and at the same time attract resources to foster growth and development along a low carbon emissions path.The consultant will be required to develop capacities for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of forest carbon stocks and changes.“As an initial step to the implementation of a MRVS for Guyana,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, a road map for the development of a MRV system for REDD+ participation for Guyana was designed following a stakeholder participation session.”The consultant would be required to be experienced in remote sensing and GIS and will have to undertake comprehensive,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “consistent and transparent assessment of forest area change for the historical period of (about) 1990 to 2009 using several time steps of archived Landsat-type satellite data that meet the criteria of the IPCC Good Practice Guidelines for LULUCF.”

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“Even if late in the day, now is the time to have expert independent input and check on the project developer’s figures, to inform the members of all political parties in the National Assembly and civil society in general.  It is surely not acceptable for the Government to try to co-opt individuals by taking them into private meetings and showing them documents; that is neither transparency nor the freedom to receive information which is assured by Article 146 of the National Constitution.”By Abena RockcliffeThe saying, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” was the stark reminder of Dr. Janette Bulkan, as she appealed to politicians to not have the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project become a repeat of the Skeldon Sugar Factory or the Berbice River Bridge.“Guyanese cannot afford to subsidise another investment like the Berbice River Bridge.”Dr. Bulkan is an anthropologist who has been quite vocal on issues regarding Guyana’s forestry practices and more recently the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.Dr. Janette BulkanIn a recent open letter to the media, Bulkan urged that politicians be cognizant of the mistakes Guyana made in the past as it relates to project investments. She singled out as glaring examples the Berbice River Bridge, the Skeldon Plant and the controversial Marriott Hotel.Dr. Bulkan is asking for parliamentarians to seek a ’Green Paper’ which she said will help to avert another failed project.A ‘Green Paper,’ can be defined as a discussion document intended to stimulate debate and launch a process of consultation on a particular topic. It usually presents a range of ideas and is meant to invite interested individuals or organizations to contribute views and information.It may be followed by a ‘White Paper’—an official set of proposals.Bulkan said that a ‘Green Paper’ should be independently done on the Amaila Falls project.Contacted yesterday, she told Kaieteur News that an independent expert opinion on the Amaila project “is very well needed.”Bulkan who emphasized that she is a “concerned citizen,” advised that such a document will weigh the pros and cons of the Amaila project.In her appeal to politicians, Bulkan expressed that “the briefings provided by the Sithe Global/Blackstone Group to the Parliamentary Sectoral Committees on Natural Resources and Economic Services and to the National Stakeholders Forum are no substitute for a Green Paper that includes the findings of independent objective technical and financial assessments.”She referred to the National Stakeholders’ Forum on Wednesday last, where “Sithe Global stressed that it had spent US$16M and six years so far on the Amaila project; although it was not explained how the money had been spent other than ‘hundreds of scientists working on environmental issues” and said that it was odd that there are no published reports from these hundreds of scientists in the public domain.Dr Bulkan,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, in her appeal requested politicians to adequately register the need for an independent green paper.“If Guyanese taxpayers had had the benefit of an external review, we might have been spared the debt burden of the white elephant named Skeldon Sugar Factory whose costs to date are US$200M, and counting.”She added that Guyanese might have had an alignment of the Berbice River Bridge that did not turn New Amsterdam into a backwater settlement; a toll that did not cost G$2,200 per car versus the Demerara River Bridge toll of G$200 per car.“While the Berbice River Bridge was being constructed, the majority of poor Berbicians might have thought that they would be paying the same toll as the Demerara River bridge commuters. They lost corn and husk: there is no alternative cheap ferry. They must use the Berbice River Bridge. Wealthy investors are the principal beneficiaries of that bridge; the State has been foregoing revenues so that the privileged investors can earn dividends,” Bulkan stated.She also said that the use of taxpayers’ money to fund the construction of a casino/hotel named the Marriott, by a Chinese company,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, using Chinese labour, and that will bring no named social or economic benefits to Guyana,NFL Jerseys China, could have also been avoided.“Dr Luncheon has already signaled that the casino will be sold…Guyanese have been speculating on the identity of the likely beneficiaries. We would not have embarked on an unnecessary expansion of the Timehri Airport at great social and economic cost.”“The drip, drip, drip of varying estimates of the component costs of this major construction project and associated commercial debts give no confidence that the Government knows what it is agreeing to with Sithe Global Inc. – whose only other venture into hydropower is the expensive and poorly-managed construction at Bujagali in Uganda, although the same personnel working for another Sithe company are said to have built other hydels. No details were provided other than a dam in Philippines.  Sithe clearly does not want to get sucked into questions about the management and capabilities of GPL and whether GPL can pay the future debt in full and on time.”Bulkan also pointed out that the current draft agreement commits to Sithe getting the first cut of GPL income paid into Republic Bank, before GPL itself gets any money to pay its own costs.However, Blackstone/Sithe confirmed that they would be willing to assist in the preparation of a Green Paper to the National Assembly, laying out objectively,Cheap Jerseys Online, in sufficient detail, the pros and cons of different options for future supply of electricity, including the final line item costs to the Guyanese taxpayer. Until now, the Government appears to have been considering only the single option of Amaila Falls and only cost estimates provided by the project partners.“Even if late in the day, now is the time to have expert independent input and check on the project developer’s figures,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, to inform the members of all political parties in the National Assembly and civil society in general.  It is surely not acceptable for the Government to try to co-opt individuals by taking them into private meetings and showing them documents; that is neither transparency nor the freedom to receive information which is assured by Article 146 of the National Constitution,” Bulkan said.“I hope that our Parliamentarians will think long and hard before voting for something that could turn into another Berbice Bridge — one in which most of the benefits are privatized, even while all the costs are socialised.  We do not need another Berbice Bridge — the costs borne by the average Guyanese,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a cash cow for the private investor.”