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Failure on the part of the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) to restore the supply of electricity to City Hall was regarded as “as a little bit of deception” by City Mayor Hamilton Green, yesterday.According to Mayor Green, he was of the understanding that once GPL and the municipality had exchanged cheques the municipality should have forthwith been restored at city Hall. He related that based on information from Acting Town Clerk, Mrs Yonette Pluck-Cort, GPL has now informed that the restoration decision must be made by the power company’s Board, a situation which is yet to be addressed.Green expressed concern that City Hall has remained the sole municipal entity GPL has chosen to leave without electricity even as he noted that streetlights have in fact accounted for the bulk of the municipality’s debt.And though it was agreed by the two entities that a cordial relationship will ensue following the exchange of cheques last Tuesday, Green is adamant that things have changed for the worse.“It seems that somebody is out to punish City Hall.” In fact it is the Mayor’s belief that the whole move comes as part of Government’s unwillingness to allow the municipality to broaden its revenue base and be in a position to function as a responsible and respectable entity.According to Green the treatment that is being meted out to the municipality “defies all the rules of democracy.”He alluded to the municipality’s recent attempt to convert the Le Repentir Dump site to a facility that could also produce electricity. Green disclosed that discussions were had with a potential developer and all of the modalities were examined. The discussions were however brought to an abrupt end as it was highlighted by the powers that be that the municipality was in no position to undertake such a venture.“The idea was to provide electricity to the GPL grid which could provide power to people nearby…but everybody is being so deceptive, it is doing more harm than good to the municipality.”With the exchange of cheques each valued at more than $179M,cheap jerseys, the near three-week long controversy between the municipality and GPL was expected to have been put to a final rest.Before Justice Prem Persaud,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who had taken up the task to intervene in the controversy, the municipal Budget Manager,Chile Jersey, Ms Monica Irving, and GPL Senior Divisional Director, Mr Aeshwar Deonarine, had exchanged cheques valued at $179,496,876. The representatives of the two entities were accompanied to the bank by the PUC Financial Analyst, Mr Murselene Sankar whose task was to verify that both cheques were honoured by the bank.And since the interest owed by both parties have been waived, the cheque presented by GPL was sufficient to discharge the amount owed by the power company for rates and taxes up to and including 2009.GPL, according to Justice Persaud, has accepted a debt of $116,891,749 together with $62,cheap jerseys authentic, 605,NFL Jerseys 2018,127 representing the Guyana Electricity Corporation’s obligation to the municipality.He asserted that the amount honoured by GPL does not include rates for the property at Kingston, Georgetown, on which it has built its 20.7 megawatt power plant. However it was agreed that the municipality will in due course invoice GPL for the property which was acquired this year.Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the M&CC’s cheque will partially discharge its obligation for electricity service charges owing as at December 2009. In addition the municipality is yet to finalise a payment plan which may require the attention of the GPL’s board before a reconnection decision is made.

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– economist warns of continued bailoutsDays after closing off with its worst performance in over two decades, there are now beliefs that the sugar industry has passed the point of no return.Writing in his Sunday column in the Stabroek News, economist Dr. Clive Thomas, was more than convinced that the crisis in the sugar industry has passed its tipping-point or point of no return. “This means that all hopes for a rational, considered and ordered reform and recon­struction of the industry are lost.”Economist,Dr. Clive ThomasHis column was entitled, “The Guyana Sugar Industry: The Point of No Return”.Last year, the industry recorded a 23-year-low of 186,807, below its reduced 190,000 tonnes target. At the end of the year, the Guyana Sugar Corporation owed suppliers and banks in excess of $10B.With over $5B in bailout monies to the industry last year, Dr. Thomas, who has been analyzing GuySuCo situation in several of the columns, expressed alarm.“…the present configuration of the industry is leading it to produce less and less sugar at a higher and higher cost! Given the inevitably resultant losses,Cheap Jerseys, this is clearly an unsustainable commercial dynamic for GuySuCo’s operations. In light of this, both the EU’s continuing sugar assistance and government’s bailouts of GuySuCo can be viewed as seeking to rescue the industry from total collapse.”Such a situation, however, represents, in essence, a classic case of throwing good money after bad, Thomas said. “As worldwide experience has shown,Cheap Jerseys From China, while it is hard politically for governments to stop providing unwarranted subsidies to state industries,Cheap Jerseys Store, it is far worse for them to yield to those interests that are driving the need for the subsidies. The misallocation of national resources implicit in this posture is inevitably bad for everyone economically, but it will eventually also carry a devastating political cost, given the size and configuration of the sugar industry in Guyana’s political economy.”The economist argued that as a rule, all industries and businesses go through life cycle changes. GuySuCo and the wider sugar industry are at the industrial life cycle stage of post maturity and long-term secular decline he said.“As presently configured the country’s sugar busi­ness can no longer go for­ward as a viable commer­cial endeavour.”Thomas pointed to several of his articles, one of which focused on how deep-seated the defects and deficiencies in the present sugar industry are.He warned that the sugar industry, as it is now, has serious implications for the country’s economic structure.“Here the limitations of the sugar sector are clearly revealed. Over the decades, sugar’s contribution to GDP, export earnings, and tax revenue has fallen well behind that of other traditional commodity sectors such as gold, rice, and bauxite, as well as the services sector.”Regarding the huge sums of money that had been allocated to the sugar industry by the European Union (EU),Wholesale NHL Jerseys 2020, Dr. Thomas urged that they must be seen in the light of the additional massive bailouts provided by the Government of Guyana to GuySuCo in recent years.Government has remained largely quiet on its plans for the industry this year. Already, there have been calls for parts of the industry to be privatized, including the flagship Skeldon factory.Government has not held anyone accountable for the poorly run industry and despite indications from President Donald Ramotar that he would have started making changes last year, commencing with the Board of Directors, there has been no such movements.The Skeldon project, to the tune of US$200M, has been a major embarrassment, with a number of defects affecting performance.  While it had targeted 43,NFL Jerseys Supply,482 tonnes at the beginning of 2013, actual production at December 21 was a miserly 25,380 tonnes.GuySuCo, with over 16,000 workers, had been looking for foreign management, discarding UK-based Tate and Lyle and now experimenting with a number of Indian experts at its Enmore factory.Last month, the National Assembly approved a $4B bailout to help pay its 16,000-plus workers and meet other critical expenditure.Once the ‘sweet king’, earning the hog’s share of foreign exchange, sugar has slid to third, behind gold and rice.The Corporation is facing the squeeze from its suppliers,Cheap Jerseys USA, with a number of them refusing to extend more credit. Hard-hit are supplies of spares and fertilizers.The main union has blamed agriculture for a large part of the problems with low yields affecting production. The Alliance For Change has called for the immediate sacking of the entire GuySuCo board and replacing of management.Last month, after days of strike action, GuySuCo agreed to pay its workers their annual production incentive. This will be done in two parts, during the first quarter of this year. The Opposition, during the 2013 National Budget debate, had demanded an updated recovery plan for GuySuCo to be laid in the National Assembly.

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– Government needs to stop responding to floods in a haphazard mannerA Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has deemed the recent floods and that of last year a horrible manifestation of government’s management style and “supposed” commitment to the improvement of drainage and irrigation in the country.Joseph HarmonWith their empirical evidence at hand, the coalition has made moves on their own to draft a plan geared towards effectively addressing the situation.Just yesterday,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, a private meeting was held amongst members of APNU, and that of some of Guyana’s best engineers.Present at the meeting were APNU’s Leader David Granger,Jerseys NBA China, Shadow Minister of Public Works and Telecommunications, Joseph Harmon, Shadow Minster of Natural Resources and the Environment and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine .The seasoned engineers included Bert Carter; Terry Fletcher; John Piggott; Horace Nurse and Edward Gonsalves.This publication was informed that the discussions will soon lend towards a carefully drafted plan which will be proposed to the government.  Roopnaraine has disclosed that it will not allow the project and its success to be dependent on the government. “The government will get a chance to see the proposal but we will not be depending on them for its implementation. We are not going to allow our hard work to be placed on hold as is the case with other situations.”He added,NFL Jerseys From China, “We are hoping that over the next few days we can put forward a plan which will address not only the concerns of residents in the city but also those in the country side. As you would know, the issues affecting the city may not be the same as those affecting the people of the Pomeroon area,Jerseys Wholesale, so we are also looking to have the proposal tailored in such a way that it addresses not only the individual problems of each area but also similar issues.”“We are aware as well that there are some large scale operations that are also having an impact,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, like the building of the East Bank road and the effects of these projects on the drainage system will be addressed. Some parts of the plan will have to be funded by the central government but we are looking to international agencies for funding as well. We will be in a position to say what is the way forward at the end of the meetings and the idea at this point is to formally constitute the group and establish a way of working which will constitute getting expert reports on the issues of each area.”“What we have found with most areas is that there has been a collapse in the maintenance procedures and management at the local and regional levels. It is a complex issue and it is being dealt with. Soon we will be able to say what will be our approach in details. We have within the group,NFL Jerseys From China, professional and highly experienced engineers that we plan to take advantage of.”Dr. Rupert RoopnaraineHe also stated that ‘We had general presentations at our first meeting and a small group was already identified to look at the issues affecting Georgetown. Engineers are already examining the technical aspect of this proposal and we have already initiated a programme to get a documented report of the issues affecting the residents around the country.”Harmon in reinforcing his colleague’s points expressed that APNU has long called for such a plan and has always been concerned with the effects of flooding and effective means of flood prevention.“The government needs to stop responding to floods in a haphazard manner and commit to a National Flood Control Plan. Nevertheless, at the meeting we discussed Integrated Water Resource Management and also a sub topic of that; Flood Control Mitigation.”