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Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, was sworn in yesterday to perform the duties of President of the Republic of Guyana while Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud is performing the duties of Prime Minister.President Bharrat Jagdeo left Guyana on Thursday for the Middle East with a delegation comprising Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues- Birkett; Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali; and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Donald Ramotar. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds also left Guyana for Cuba.The Ministers were sworn in at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport VIP Lounge,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Timehri, when Prime Minister Sam Hinds flew out.Witnessing the event were Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic, Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Commodore Gary Best,Cheap MLB Jerseys, Chief Justice (acting) Ian Chang and Protocol Advisor to the President,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Vic Persaud.

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…By Abena Rockcliffe- Campbell As long as a company’s name includes the word ‘Inc.’ it must be incorporated/registered before it can begin official operation.On Monday, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, told the National Assembly that from the beginning of the Durban Park Project,Wholesale Jerseys From China, in 2015, Homestretch Development Inc. managed the financial affairs of the project.That company,China NFL Jerseys, he said, collected all donations and channeled it towards the development of the project. However, according to documentation filed at the Registry, the company was only registered on January 22, last.Opposition Member of Parliament, Juan Edghill, had tabled a motion on the Durban Project. That motion called for answers on several aspects of the Durban Park project. On Monday, for Members’ Day the opposition motions dominated the business of the House.The government,Cheap Jerseys China, using its one seat majority, blocked the Motion.But Patterson addressing issues contained in the Motion, listed the directors of Homestretch Development Inc. He named Lawrence (Larry) London as the Chairman of the Company. London is also the Chairman of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).Patterson also named the other directors but neglected to name Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine. Dr. Roopnaraine was slated to speak to Edghill’s Motion but eventually conceded to Patterson.Yesterday, Kaieteur News visited the company’s registered address—Lot 18 Lamaha Street. The building is unoccupied and the compound is home to pigeons.At the People’s Progressive Party/Civic press conference at Freedom House yesterday, the party addressed the concerns about the “scandal of monumental proportions” surrounding the execution of the Durban Park Project.Opposition Chief Whip,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Gail Teixeira, hosted that press conference with Members of Parliament Irfaan Ali and Edghill.Edghill told the media that he was disappointed in the way the government handled that “simple Motion of transparency.” He said that more questions than answers remain. He said that in addition to the over $400M that was spent from the public purse, more State resources were utilized in the form of material provided by other State institutions like the Demerara Harbour Bridge Company.“What was the actual cost of the Project?” Edghill queried. That is a simple question that the government, which championed itself on transparency, failed to answer.“Before Homestretch Development Inc. was incorporated who collected the money?’Edghill challenged the government to dispute, what he called a “fact” that this company was set up for the sole purpose of the execution of the Durban Park project.He said, however, that a question still floating around in his mind is “Why? Why did the Ministry of Public Infrastructure have to take over from Homestretch Development Inc.? Did it breach an agreement? Was there misappropriation?”Since he failed even through the Motion to get answers from the government, Edghill yesterday called on Homestretch Development Inc. to “come clean” and let the nation know what is going on.He questioned what stake does the company have in the project? Is there any ownership? Did the company pay any taxes, “or was it exempted, if it was we need to know under what grounds.”China-gateEdghill said that exposure of the activities of the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon during his trip to China reflected a serious blow to the project. He said that the “China-gate really shook things up.”“When we had that exposure of who accompanied the Minister of State on his trip to China; then we saw the revocation of the appointment (of Brian Tiwarie) as an advisor. The individual concerned was one of the visible contractors. His trucks were seen on the project.”Edghill said that shortly after the exposure, “we saw a disappearance of the equipment then we heard the need for money and for work to be done by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. So it was left to all sorts of interpretation. That is why I was asking that the government clarify what role the China-gate played in leading us to the need for the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to get involved.”Edghill said that the revelation about the Durban Park Project,Cheap NFL jerseys China, coupled with what the nation has learnt about the drug bond fiasco is proof that the APNU+AFC government is involved in corruption “of the highest form.”Violations of financial lawsIrfaan Ali also weighed in on the concerns he has about the project. He looked extensively at the breaches of financial best practices as specified in the Constitution and the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act (FMAA).Ali quoted Section 16 of the FMAA which says that there “shall be no expenditure of public monies except in accordance with article 217 of the Constitution.” Article 217 of the constitution says that all monies must be placed into the Consolidated Fund.He listed at least three other sections of the FMAA which he said were violated.He said that Section 56 speaks about the accounting procedure. It states that the Minister shall promulgate appropriate accounting standards to be employed by the officials responsible for the maintenance of the records.Ali looked at the lack of tender process and said, “Not because you were using a force account means you are exempt from the tender process.” A Force account is a payment method used in special circumstances when monies are to be paid out.Teixeira told the media that because of the simple fact that the land on which the Durban Park has been erected belongs to the state, there had to have been an MOU, a Cabinet agreement and other contracts. She said that if everything is above board it should be no issue for the government to reveal those documents.Teixeira said that the nation is now seeing the “real McCoy of the APNU+ AFC government while noting that the point is not about the need for the Park but about the absence of transparency.The Motion that Edghill took before the National Assembly sought full disclosure on the names of the individuals and the private organisation which were in charge of this project from its inception to the April takeover by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. That question was partially answered.Edghill asked,Cheap Hockey Jerseys 2019, too, about the donors and their contributions in cash and/or kind during the initial phase and completion of the Jubilee Durban Park Development Project. That was not answered.Edghill asked that the government inform the House whether any and which of these contributions were submitted to the Consolidated Fund. Patterson said that no contributions were paid over to the Consolidated Fund. Edghill posed four other questions which were not answered.

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By Ralph SeeramCommissioner Henry Greene must be very proud of himself. I am sure that he is satisfied with his performance. He “showed” those two irritants,  Freddie Kissoon and Mark Benschop, that he has power and can abuse it,Cheap NFL Jerseys, did I say abuse? Sorry can use it.Two days in the lockup for the most trivial of offences? Not only did you put Kissoon and Benschop in their place but you also dealt with one of your own for failing to arrest Benschop. I am sure the political directorate is also happy with your performance.It would seem that Commissioner Greene is good at bringing traffic offenders to justice. My question to the Police Chief is how good are you in going after crime and corruption committed by the political elite? You don’t seem to be excelling in that department.The incarceration of these two gentlemen for forty-eight hours can be viewed by some, including this writer, as being malicious, spiteful and vindictive.Let me make it clear, I hold no brief for Kissoon and Benschop. I do not know these gentlemen; I have never met them. I enjoy reading Freddie only for his rants. I feel he might pop a blood vessel one of these days because of the anger in his writing. The guy really has it for President Jagdeo.I really don’t agree with half the things he writes, but the other half is what I pay attention to because he can be very factual; some of the issues he raises are irrefutable. At least I have not seen the Government contradict him when he is factual.Kissoon and Benschop are severe critics of the PPP Government, and whether their protests and criticism are justified or not, I will DFEND their right to do so, because that’s what people do in a democracy, because it is allowed in a democracy.This may be a new concept for those in power, but I would like to remind those in Government that Kissoon is not doing anything different from what the PPP was doing when the PNC was in power, and as we all know the PNC regime was not a democracy.It would appear that those in power and those holding high public offices feel that they are above criticism. Well that’s too bad. If you don’t want criticism and scrutiny then don’t take taxpayers money. You cannot feed at the public trough and expect taxpayers to cast a blind eye on your performance.You need to go to the private industry, where if you “screw up” you are immediately fired; if you steal you will be prosecuted by your employer. Herein lies the problem with Henry Greene and law enforcement.One gets the impression that the law is being selectively enforced. Tell me Henry, despite numerous instances cited by this newspaper on corruption,nfl jerseys china, how many charges have you brought?I am very, very disappointed with President Jagdeo and the PPP Government. From the Diaspora watching events in Guyana, I am reminded of the days when I was a journalist in Guyana, during the Burnham regime.Burnham in my opinion did not try to “kill the messenger”,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, he tried to kill the message. How,Anton Forsberg Jersey, by controlling newsprint and all printing supplies; you can’t get your message out to the masses if you do not have newsprint and ink. Burnham had already controlled both radio stations.Today the PPP Government cannot control the message so it is going after the messenger. This is what DICTATORS do; this is what happens in a police state. Are you taking us to a police state Henry Greene? Or are we there already? And do you think in this technological age you can silence the messenger?I am in the U.S.A. and I am getting the message. Let me remind those in power today, regimes come and go (ask the PNC). Crimes and abuses stay on records. In various parts of the world, former politicians and Government officials are now being brought to justice for offences committed when they were in power. Some of these officials are being sued in U.S courts for injustices meted out by them decades ago.I mentioned being disappointed with the PPP Government. Adam Harris wrote about the climate of fear in people reporting wrongs but afraid to reveal their names. People fear retribution; I would never expect this under a PPP Government.As a journalist in Guyana during the Burnham regime I experienced this; people would come to me with information but very afraid to disclose their identity. I can say in all honesty that Burnham did not condone corruption. I will cite two instances to support that view.There is, at present, a building on Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam being used by the Ministry of Health. That building was the home of the then town engineer who built it with the labour, materials and resources of the New Amsterdam Municipality.Based on information, I wrote an article on the matter. The PNC took up the issue and the house was turned over back to the Government.In the other instance, based on information a GDF truck was transporting contraband goods, (anybody remembers those days besides Adam and myself? It was some three generations ago) on the Corentyne. They were stopped and the officer was charged. I made a report for the then Guyana Broadcasting Service on the midday news and “all hell broke loose”. Pressure was brought on my editor, friend and mentor, the late Cecil Griffith.Some in power saw it as anti-government. Griffith stood firm and I later learnt that Burnham dismissed senior military officers for that corrupt practice.The press is the watchdog of the taxpayers. The press expresses those powers and rights vested in its citizens. It has more resources than the single taxpayers; therefore it is in a position to expose wrongs of Government and its institutions.The irony of this is funny when you think that it is the single taxpayer who does not have the resources, who provides the information to the media for scrutiny.So I am back to Henry Greene. Is it your job to enforce some of the laws selectively, or do you enforce laws without fear or favour? If it’s the former you need to resign now,Cheap China Jerseys, as your recent actions surely will not elicit public confidence.Remember the police are in the front line in enforcing the Rule of Law. If the public loses faith and confidence in the police, then, my friend, there will be no Rule of Law. You know what comes after that,Cheap Jerseys, the word starts with A. I will let you figure that out.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email [email protected]

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– GuySuCo accepts suspension recommendationsFour sugar workers who were dismissed following a fire at the bagasse plant at the multi-million-dollar Skeldon factory are back on the job after the matter went to conciliation and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) accepted the recommendations to opt for suspensions instead.According to President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union (GAWU), Komal Chand,NFL Jerseys From China, following submissions by GuySuCo and the union to the Conciliator,Wholesale Jerseys, Chief Labour Officer, Yog Mahadeo, in a report, had recommended that the workers be reinstated.As a result, said Chand, the workers instead of being dismissed were each subjected to a one-month suspension. As the workers since being dismissed were already one month away from their duties, the time spent away from the job was used as the suspension. That suspension period was up Monday and the workers – three represented by GAWU and one by the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) – were all back at work.“We had argued that the penalty was too harsh and I am happy to say that GuySuCo agreed and instead opted to have the workers suspended,” Chand said yesterday.Following the fire last month, GuySuCo had refused to back off its decision and the matter went to conciliation.According to the Corporation, on Saturday August 7, a fire in the Skeldon factory resulted in extensive damage to the bagasse conveyor belt.GuySuCo, in pointing out that the incident occurred on the same day the estate was slated to commence its second crop production for the year,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, disclosed that based on the extent of the damage, it was clear that the blaze actually started much earlier than the time it was first reported -three hours earlier.“A full investigation was conducted which revealed that the incident resulted because of gross negligence, caused extensive damage where remedial works will cost millions of dollars,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, coupled with the loss of three days’ production.”Following the investigation,NFL Jerseys Outlet, GuySuCo said it took disciplinary action against employees,Anthony Steen Dolphins Jersey, both managerial and non-managerial.