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Despite a court order preventing the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) from enforcing the suspension of the operating license of the Mahaicony Rice Mills Limited, the milling entity continues to face numerous hindrances from “the powers that be.”This notion was articulated on Thursday by General Manager of the Rice Milling entity, Brandon Barton, during an interview with Kaieteur News yesterday.According to Barton, his company was forced to take the matter to court, which granted a stay on the GRDB decision on June 30 last, preventing the enforcement of the suspension.Barton disclosed that the GRDB is still claiming that it has the right, regardless of the court ruling, to withhold the operating license of the entity.Recounting the circumstances that led to the suspension of the license, Barton admitted that the company had in fact engaged a practice which may be deemed inappropriate to some persons.He explained that since the entity commenced operation in Mahaicony some nine years ago, a plan was adopted whereby the mill would afford farmers post-dated cheques for purchased paddy.“Normally, they are supposed to bill us; but in this industry it is common for people to do an invoice on behalf of the farmer. That invoice has an agreement, which the farmers sign, that states that the farmer will be paid in 90 days. They are also advised to call before they attempt to encash their cheques, to ensure that sufficient money is available.”This particular practice was inculcated, Barton said, because of the remote location of the mill, in order to reduce the inconvenience to farmers.But even though 90 days is allotted for the payment to the farmers, he divulged, it is intended that farmers be paid progressively. Thus, by the end of the stipulated period, farmers should be in receipt of the full amount due them.And according to Barton, the mill is required to purchase large quantities of paddy, valued at billions of dollars, an amount that no banking institution in Guyana can finance.“If you ask a bank here for $300M it is a problem. So, since no bank will say ‘take this money,Wholesale NHL Jerseys,’ it is based on our trade that farmers will get paid,” Barton asserted.He noted that the industry is of such a nature that it is almost impossible for one to deliver the product and be paid on the same day.This, he said, materialised during the recent crop, when farmers attempted to encash post-dated cheques. These cheques could not be honoured since there was no cash in the accounts.“We give them cheques today for payment three weeks from now. Nobody knows what will happen. If they check with us and money is not available, we would tell them to check another day.”However, the situation saw the plight of the farmers being brought to Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud, who wasted no time in chiding the entity.Yesterday, Barton admitted that in principle the practice engaged by the entity may not have been very appropriate,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and thus assured that it will not be continued in the future.In trying to find a solution to the problem, Barton said, it was brought to the minister’s attention that the entity could pay off the farmers if it is able to recover a sum of about $30M which the Guyana Revenue Authority owes it.Barton said, “The minister, in effect, wrote a letter in the newspaper and lambasted us. He said that there is no connection with the VAT office owing us $30M and our payment to farmers,Wholesale China Jerseys, because we should have known at the time when we wrote the cheques if we would have had this money.”In fact, Barton said,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the reality of the matter was that, at the time that the cheques were written, the company was calculating and was aware that its cash flow had an outstanding $30M.However, Barton added, when it was thought that the minister had done his worst, the minister informed that he would be instructing the GRDB and the police to take necessary action.“Soon after, a letter from the GRDB arrived, signed by its General Secretary, Mr Jagnarine Singh, stating that our operating license has been suspended for issuing bounced cheques,” Barton noted.But, according to Barton,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/Argentina/, there is no clause in the Rice Factory Act that stipulates that failure to honour a cheque was grounds for the suspension of an operating license. He said that it, however, does state that an entity should be given a hearing, and discussions should ensue as to the root cause of the problem, in order to find a solution.“We expected that the minister, before putting something in the papers and taking the action he did, would have at least called us in and helped us find a solution…He didn’t…”He also pointed out that, even with the order granted by the court, the entity has been prohibited from carry out business, and this has been hindering the entity’s ability to garner finances to pay off the farmers.“I have to wonder what the real intention of the minister is. Is it to pay the farmers, or to put us out of business?”But, according to a senior official of the Agriculture Ministry, despite all the legal efforts by Government, farmers are still being taken for a “ride” by some unscrupulous millers.The official said that the Mahaicony Rice Mills Limited, which is one of the largest milling operations in Guyana, with the four rice mills and two buying centres, has been able to successfully engage in unprofessional business conduct.The official related that the Ministry of Agriculture and the GRDB have moved to take action that is expected to ensure that the milling entity honours its financial obligations to the rice farmers.The official admitted that the milling company in effect responded by seeking the intervention of the High Court, which has since issued to GRDB an Order or Rule Nisi of Certiorari.This matter stands adjourned to next Monday.It was also related that the GRDB has since requested from the milling company information relating to the amount of paddy purchased and the schedule of payment, a request which is yet to be honoured.The official said that the GRDB had placed some advertisement in the newspapers requesting farmers with outstanding payments to report to the offices of the GRBD.But, according to the official, “Our effort so far has had little success. They paid the farmers with bounced cheques and still have huge sums for them.”This newspaper was also informed that the entity has purchased some 700,000 bags of paddy and the delayed payment practice is currently impacting on the replanting process for the second crop.According to the official, based on assessment of the situation, it is the farmers who are now financing the operations of some rice mills, thus millers should understand that the farmers need finance to ensure a successful crop, in order to have a good quality paddy for their rice markets. It was further noted by the official that a Marshal of the Court, accompanied by the Manager of the Mills, Mr. Brandon Barton, served some court documents on theGeneral Manager of GRDB, Mr. Jagnarine Singh, for contempt of court.This matter is to be heard on July 14 next.

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Despite constraints, the Ministry of Health continues to maintain near 100% vaccination coverage as part of its Childhood Vaccination Programme.This is according to Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran who indicated that Guyana recorded 96 to 98 percent vaccination coverage in 2014. Ramsaran further said that Guyana’s success is an example for the Caribbean and the Americas.“That’s an achievement,” Ramsaran added.He also emphasised the importance of the programme noting that vaccination had numerous benefits. These benefits, he said, includes less hassle for parents while ensuring the future generation grows up strong and healthy. He said too, that vaccinations make an economic impact by reducing costs to treat illnesses.Currently,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Ramsaran said the programme offers 16 antigens including one for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). However,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he said, despite its success the programme faces challenges.Ramsaran said some of the vaccines are expensive while the programme faces cutbacks in concessions.“Some of the concessions we had for expensive vaccines and other support have faded,” he said.He went on to explain that new conditions locally and internationally will see prices for drugs multiplying drastically. He pointed out that the issue was “a bigger one” and said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was alerted to it. He also noted that the acquisition of drugs affordably was a challenge being faced by the entire Caribbean region.“Guyana cannot shape the vaccine market alone; it has to be a regional issue,” Ramsaran said.The Health Minister also congratulated Guyanese mothers for taking advantage of the programme and ensuring that their children’s health was paramount. He also noted that education amongst women had risen and women were learning more about the importance of vaccination.“These women are taking advantage of the services available to them and protecting our future generation…keep it up; let’s keep up the 96% coverage and let’s keep up Guyana as one of the leading lights – if not the leading light – in this regard,holesale NFL Jerseys, not only in the Caribbean but Latin America,” Ramsaran urged.For nearly a decade,Wholesale Jerseys USA, Guyana has been one of the leading countries in vaccination figures.In 2012,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Ramsaran had indicated that Guyana consistently achieved over 90 percent coverage of vaccination of children for routine preventable childhood diseases for the preceding five years. He had also said the country received prestigious awards for its achievement.Ramsaran had stated that Guyana had “practically eradicated” some potentially fatal childhood diseases due to the aggressive and country wide access to routine vaccines.Also in 2012,wholesale jerseys, the ministry introduced the HPV vaccine to Guyana to protect girls from cervical cancer as they mature later in life.Ramsaran had stated that the vaccines were dispatched to various regions with a target of 6,000 girls. The vaccine is currently being implemented in 33 countries, in all continents around the world.

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The women of Moruca, Region One, on Tuesday celebrated International Women’s Day 2016 with a good natured boisterous march through the main street from the Santa Rosa Ground to the “Extension” Centre.Three Ministers lead the march: Valerie Garido-Lowe, Dawn Hastings & Cathy HughesThe march was led by Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, Valerie Garido-Lowe; Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Dawn Hastings; and specially invited guest, Minster of Public Communication,Wholesale Jerseys China, Cathy Hughes.More than 70 Moruca women assembled at the centre and listened to Toshao Sherwin Abrams speak about the high regard in which he holds women.  He underscored the importance of motherhood and applauded the women’s group in Moruca for the effort they have expended to teach their compatriots about the advances made by women from Moruca and the rest of Guyana in almost every sphere of life, including politics.Minister Garido-Lowe, herself a product of this community, urged the numerous men present to do all they could to end the spate of domestic violence and promote respect for women, especially the youthful ones.A Peace Corps Volunteer attached to the nearby Kumaka Hospital used the opportunity to raise awareness about teenage pregnancy, family planning, menopause and the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer.   The organizers entertained with dramatic sketches that examined the various reactions to domestic violence.Minister Cathy Hughes delivered the feature address.  She was pleased to learn that the community is home to so many dynamic women.  ”One of the great things about women is our ability to transcend our differences and work towards the goal of nation building,” the Minister said, referring to several present and former Ministers of government and parliamentarians who continue to interact from different sides of the floor.Highly regarded women of Moruca pose with the Ministers.She informed her audience that it was the United Nations in 1975 that set aside one day each year to honour the contributions of women everywhere who have contributed so much to global development.“Don’t ever underestimate the power of a woman … to effect change,Cheap NHL Jerseys China,” she stated, borrowing a popular call from Jamaican singer, Shaggy.   She reminisced about a period not so long ago when the voices of women were ignored in the male-dominated world.“We women were not given our due but we didn’t give up. We stayed the course and today we stand proudly beside our male counterparts,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, glad that we can contribute to making our societies better”.Minister Hughes spoke about the many decades throughout which women worked and earned for their families and communities. In more recent times they have caught on to the benefits of the worldwide web.She spoke about the Rupununi Weavers, the group of women who made decorative hammocks from scratch, i.e. by preparing the raw materials before weaving.  They had attracted customers all over the world via the internet.They learnt about fair trade and marketing also via the internet and today, returning Guyanese and visitors still come to Guyana hoping to acquire a Rupununi hammock.The highlight of the International Women’s Day observances in Moruca was the distribution of tokens of appreciation by Minister Dawn Hastings to three outstanding women: Retired teacher of Santa Rosa Parish School,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Esther Campbell; long standing PTA Chairperson,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Juanita Phillips and Leader of extracurricular activities for students, Magdalene Simon.