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Ranks from the police Crime Scene Unit were summoned to the National Communications Network (NCN) premises yesterday after a homemade explosive device was found in the compound.The crude device,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, which consisted of a large bottle containing gasoline with a pipe attached to it,Alex Iwobi Arsenal Jersey UK, was discovered at around 07:20hrs, at the back of the complex.According to a source,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, the bottle-bomb was propped up on a table near the transmission room.Kaieteur News understands that the device could not be ignited since it had no wick.A piece of duct-tape was wrapped around the bottle and investigators are examining the tape with the hope of lifting fingerprints from it.“We have to take these things seriously because you never know,” a police official said.This newspaper understands that while there are security guards on the premises,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, there are no surveillance cameras outside.A brief statement by NCN officials said that police were notified after a guard made the discovery.“The discovery was made by a security guard at approximately 07:20hrs after which the management staff was alerted,Wholesale Jerseys,” the statement disclosed.“The intervention of the Guyana Police Force was sought immediately after. Investigating ranks arrived soon after and examined the device which was found at the back of the complex in the Southern-most part of the compound. Ranks also scoured the area.“It is still to be ascertained by bomb experts if what was discovered was indeed an explosive device as investigations continue.”

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The Police Sports Club Ground,Wholesale Jerseys, Eve Leary was a hive of entertainment yesterday as the Guyana Police Force’s ‘A’ Division hosted its maiden Gymkhana,Jerseys From China, where ranks and friends of the force displayed their daredevil skills that thrilled a massive crowd.While there were thrills and spills and a temporary pause after Marlon Baksh, a motorbike racer being rushed to the hospital after crashing, several hundred patrons had a fun filled day.The event mostly featured a lighter side to the day to day activities of sections of the police force ranging from motorbike races between police ranks and civilians that had patrons on their feet cheering on bikers as they sped around the track.The event was hosted with the hope of the Guyana Police Force improving its relationship with the public through a showcase of its activities in a social setting filled with entertainment and void of guns.The activity started with a parade of colors with participants parading to the energetic instrumental version of the popular ‘Wuk Up Pun It’,NFL Jerseys Cheap, delivered by the Guyana Police Force band M.S.Unafraid: One of the police dogs proves its agilityFacing the fire: The Mounted Branch ranks are not afraid to head through the rig of fireThe treat for the public included a number of breathtaking motorcycle races as well as other events such as the obedience,Wholesale Jerseys, scent work and agility showcases from the Force’s Canine Section.  Most entertaining were the musical ride and chairs as well as the battle of the Mounties which featured ranks and horses from the not normally visible Police Mounted Branch and on each occasion the ladies reigned supreme. Ultimately,Cheap Jerseys Online, the show that sent hearts racing was a ‘ring of fire’ activity ride that saw horses and jockeys jumping high hurdles in ceremonial uniform  before racing to and jumping through a blazing ring of fire.The students of the Felix Austin College were not to be out done. Guided by veteran police rank Carey Bookie they showed their gymnastic prowess which forms part of the fitness routines for hopeful police ranks such a kangaroo jumps, rolls,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, balances and the comical crazy monkey in addition to the acrobatic flips and long plunges over a human bridge.The event offered the public a firsthand experience of police displaying their skills which proved entertaining but at the same time offered the necessary elements used in crime fighting.Stepping in style during a musical ride.The force’s athletic prowess in the 100, 200 and 400 meter races that featured lone Olympian Winston George taking on stiff competition from younger athletic aspirants also created an adrenalin rush for patrons.Among the many entertaining items was the tug-O-war which pitted incoming ranks of the Felix Austin Training College taking on ranks who are also professional athletes. This even evoked much laughter as did the battle of the Mounties.Children were also treated to horse riding, trampoline and merry-go-round.Clifton Hicken ‘A’ Division Commander, Assistant Commissioner dubbed the event a success and expressed the hope that it will be staged at the Guyana National Stadium next year based on the public support received.

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Mahesh Kumar, of  36 Fourth Street,Wholesale Jerseys Store, La Penitence, faced Magistrate Priya Beharry yesterday to answer charges of threatening language and abusive language.On August 10, Kumar,Cheap Jerseys Store, allegedly threatened his neighbour,Cheap Jerseys From China, Hafiza Gordon. On the same day Kumar is also accused of verbally abusing Gordon,The Police Prosecutors stated that the defendant frequently ‘rings’ the virtual complainant’s phone. He said that she often complained to his mother.One day an argument erupted and Kumar allegedly pointed a cutlass in Gordon’s face,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, at the same time making threats to ‘chop her’.Kumar insisted to the court that he did not threaten or abuse Gordon. ‘I never show she no cutlass’. He admitted that he had the cutlass in his hand,Wholesale Jerseys, but that he was referring all his remarks to a ‘junkie’ passing through the street at the time.Bail was set at $10,000,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, and Kumar is to return to court November 10.

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…creates Garden for the ChildrenEnriching children’s knowledge in agriculture, botany,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, food and nutrition are among the many reasons that First Lady, Deolatchmee Ramotar,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, launched the Garden for the Children of Guyana Initiative.The launching ceremony was held yesterday, on International Children’s Day, at State House, Main Street. It is anticipated that this initiative will be rolled out across the country.First Lady, Deolatchmee Ramotar, gives students a tour of the garden created at State House“On this International Children’s Day, as we celebrate the beauty,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, creativity and enquiring minds of children, I wish to honour the children of Guyana in a practical way by involving them in an activity that would produce tangible results,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,” Mrs. Ramotar said.This initiative aims to expose children and stimulate their interest, from an early age,Wholesale Jerseys, in botany and agriculture.Citing her personal experience of a germination exercise that led to her children’s interests in Science, Mrs. Ramotar expressed her pleasure in launching this programme. The project has a small demonstration plot located in the compound of State House.She expressed hope that the small garden at State House will become a space where children can interact, share experience, build team spirit and be inspired to cultivate their own small gardens at school and at home.The demonstration plot involves three different methods of cultivation: traditional gardening, hydroponics, and raised-bed gardening.The First Lady recommended that Guyanese continue in the tradition of having kitchen gardens and flowers as a source of sustenance, income, beautification and healthy recreation.“Encouraging our children to cultivate small gardens at home and at school is one way of doing this while allowing them to enjoy the attendant personal, recreational, health and educational benefits. Children can make good use of their free time engaging in gardening,” Mrs. Ramotar stated.According to President Donald Ramotar, there is no nobler task than producing food for human consumption.Ramotar emphasized, “For a very long time many people have looked down on agriculture as a low title type of work and this is why I am happy that my wife has taken this type of initiative because I think we need to bring dignity to every form of work that people do.”He stressed that one of the focal areas for development in Guyana is agriculture. He emphasized that agriculture could be a prosperous business for entrepreneurs.Ramotar pointed out that Science has not left agriculture untouched. Agriculture is being done in scientific and interesting ways, which could ignite children’s imagination to participate in their activity,Wholesale Jerseys China, he added.He asserted that urban children who do not have similar experiences as children living in the countryside would have an opportunity to appreciate nature, their environment and work generally.